Best Program on Television...

The best show I've seen on TV this year is the Sky show Gomorra, about the Italian mafia.  I know it hasn't made it to US television but damn, Bald Move should be looking this up and talking about it.  
Everything about this is top of the line.  Fantastic acting, production values and long form story telling.  It makes The Sopranos look like Bambi.  

If you saw the 2008 film, this is based on the same book apparently.  

If you haven't seen it, find it.  Worth the effort.  


  • kingbee67kingbee67 Los Angeles Ca.
    It looks like it will be on Sundance TV August 24
  • BornaBorna Long Beach, CA
    I read somewhere that Weinstein bought the US rights. They had it all on YouTube at one point when it was only Sky who owned the EU rights.

    2nd season filming now. It's such a fantastically gritty look at organized crime in Napoli (Naples). Not as neo-realist as the movie, more character driven, which makes sense for a series. Top top character transformations and performances.
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