This weekend 16 and 17/07

What did everyone get up to this weekend ?


Saturday: went to a fair with my family and my dad had an art thing there. Watched the rest of stranger things which was 5 episodes then had dinner and watch 1 episodes of how I met your mother, the office US and friends. Then watched the final 3 episodes of stranger things aswell as 1 episode of locked up.

Went for a walk with my niece and played Pokemon go and took her to the park, watched mr robot s1e10 and listened to the guys preview cast for season 2 then watched s1e1 and 2 had dinner and listened to some of the review podcast for season 2 e1 and 2 then watched ghostbusters the original and am now watching an episode of z nation then going to bed


  • Sounds like a pretty good one. The majority of my weekend was spent dealing with my daughter's 13th birthday party/sleepover. Ready to go back to work so I can get some damn rest. Finally started to watch Stranger Things this afternoon though. I'm just starting episode 3 and I'm already hooked
  • WarpFoxWarpFox Nashville, TN
    Saturday I worked 9-5:30 then ate at a local pizza place with my wife, daughter, mom, and brother. Brick-oven pizza, pretty good stuff. Then we came home and killed a bottle of wine and talked about our friends and family.

    Today, we went to a big park downtown to play some Pokémon Go. It looked like everyone else had the same idea, because it was flooded with people. There was almost no parking, and just about everyone else was also playing Pokémon. Came home and vegged out for a bit, then cut the grass. Now I'm freshly showered, waiting for the wife to finish putting the toddler to bed so we can finally rewatch episode 1 of Game of Thrones for the rewatch cast.
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