Should I buy destiny

On the fence about buying destiny. I am able to buy it with the taken King for £28 I understand there will be more paid expansions and they plan to release them for quite some time

The problem

I don't have time to be arranging game time with friends

And I hear the game is good for This
Is the game good for listening to podcasts and or music ?

Is it a grind ?

Need some help with my decision

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  • BB2KBB2K Adelaide, South Australia
    unless you're specifically getting it to play with friends, you totally don't need to play with friends, and until you get to the raids everything you need other people for has matchmaking

    it's a great podcast game, the shooting is super solid and fun and the story isn't really too important or particularly good, with most of it being in the codex thing on their website anyway

    i ended up buying a ps4 last year mainly to play destiny, and tho it's been a while since i've gone back to it, i really enjoyed it for a solid few months, so if you've got a ps4 already and are into first person shooters, it's hard not to recommend. it controls so, so well, as someone who was used to pc FPSs, i found it super easy to get into.
  • Garthgou81Garthgou81 Placerville, CA
    Destiny is the perfect game for playing while listening to other stuff. It is my go-to for that. It can be somewhat mindless and you really are able to just float off and enjoy playing at times.

    However, if you are really looking to progress in the game, its best to have a core group of friends who play it regularly. If you are hopping on without a group of people (or at least open to making friends through matchmaking and such) then you will probably get very bored with it. It is a game that is meant to be played with others. And if you are solo'ing it all the time, you will eventually hit a wall where you can't really progress without assistance from other people.

    I haven't played it in ages for that very reason--none of my friends really play it. I am considering grabbing the next DLC and hoping it will reinvigorate my interest, but I am not sure.
  • anybody know how long the grind would be from very begining to top level? I've had the Taken King for a while and haven't fired it up because I didn't want to grind for weeks just to be where everyone has been at for months.   
  • BB2KBB2K Adelaide, South Australia
    honestly getting to the level cap doesn't take that long at all, maybe like 20 hours? after that there is grinding for light level to do the kings fall raid, but apart from that and harder difficulties on other levels, you'll be good. weirdly you do more grinding when you're at max level. if you got the taken kind you'll also have an item that brings you straight to level 25 iirc, and gives you a bunch of level appropriate items, so if you really don't wanna play through the early game grind you can just do that, i think it would be good to go through those levels at least once with the proper progression though
  • A_Ron_HubbardA_Ron_Hubbard Cincinnati, OH
    I'd wait until September at this point. There will likely be a deluxe cheaper all in one package, and right now the player base is a bit thin because of summer and it being awhile since the last expansion. September drops the newest one, and it looks very good.
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