Zombie History

I'll preface this post with my golden rule: I've done no research and everything I write is probably the combination of a fever dream and a long undiagnosed case of syphilis.

I heard J-Ron discussing zombie history a few times and figured I'd put out what I know:

Zombies were a thing that started in Haiti by witch doctors called bokors. They would kidnap people for one of two purposes: slave labor or ransom. Their victims were often abducted after a sharp blow to the head, and would then be heavily drugged. If a Bokor was looking for ransom, they'd leave the "dead" body out in the open so that they would be conspicuous enough for a family member to find them. They'd be buried, funeral and all, and the witch doctor would approach the family about a Resurrection. They would then dig them up, bringing them back to life. However, lack of oxygen, blunt force trauma to the head, and drugs often did gave these people some degree of brain damage. They would stumble around, lose motor function, speech abilities, etc.

If the Bokors used them for slave labor, they would also keep these people heavily drugged. Sometimes, these Bokors would physically abuse their slaves as well. When a bokor suddenly died, their victims drugs would wear off and they would stumble back into town, seemingly shambling and back from the dead.
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