Suggestion for October coverage

So Jim and a.ron I assume are doing both westworld and watching dead in October.
I don't know how they will cover both but I was thinking they would do the following
Live watch for the walking dead on Sunday's and full podcast Monday's.
Then watch west world on Mondays and do a full cast Tuesday's ?
I really enjoyed with season 2b with the same walking dead watching the episode and then at 10pm in the uk going straight to their podcast and listening to 2 hours of goodness :)


  • A_Ron_HubbardA_Ron_Hubbard Cincinnati, OH
    I don't know if we're doing the livewatch this year, I assume so, but I think we'll do whatever we did in the spring, which is I think, livewatch, no Instant Take, and full podcast on Monday.  Wouldn't Westworld be a Sunday show?  If so, we'll probably podcast that Tuesday afternoon.
  • I really hope you guys do that. As in the walking dead full podcast Monday as I live to have the full cast ready to go straight after the episodes in the uk. And just have the west world cast Tuesday
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