Top 5 websites you visit

I am always on the lookout for a new website. I usually have a standard go to list for when im browsing and figured i would ask the BM family in hopes of maybe uncovering a few more. Here are mine. Obviously some will be pretty common and repetitive but feel free to put down whatever. either ones you recommend or the ones you actually use the most that many people probably frequent already. 

1. ESPN - sports fix
2. Yahoo - news fix
3. Screenrant - TV/Movie fix
4. Listverse - random top 10 educational lists each day
5. Zergnet - host site for random articles from a bunch of sites

probably could list a million more and obviously BM is up there but didnt put that cuz duh. 


  • WonderedObjectWonderedObject SAN Francisco, CA
    Not the kind of website you might be looking for but for me. Check it all day. Luckily I have some restraint so I'm not buying stuff 24/7 but still, some fantastic deals on there.
    Plus the comments are always great.
  • amyja89amyja89 Oxford, England
    Off the top of my head my top five are probably:

    BBC - keeps me on top of all the official news and sports.

    StumbleUpon - A fun site where you put in your likes and dislikes and you basically one click surf through a load of different sites that they think you might enjoy.

    RottenTomatoes - I'm constantly researching movies and actors and who was in what and how well this or that did.

    Goodreads - I like to make a lot of lists and this is a great resource for putting together to-read lists of books that are actually well regarded.

    AfterEllen - Probably not what you're looking for but I thought I'd give it a shout out nonetheless! It's basically a pop culture and news sight that focuses on stories relevant to lesbian culture, whether it's recaps of shows featuring lesbian characters, recent LGBT related news etc. It's nice to have an aggregated site full of things that might interest you and that you can immediately relate to. :-)
  • Facebook
    Crystal Palace Football Club fans forum
    Mimecast (to access work emails from home)

    I feel it should be more exciting/dangerous and can only apologise for my bland interweb life/real life!
  • FiveThirtyEight - essential reading for the election, plus good sports and cultural content from an analytical angle. Good podcasts too.

    Twitter - follow a mix of news, sports and tv/film writers; it's the best source for breaking & trending news

    Slate - oldie but still pretty good content IMO, despite their patented contrarian takes. Some good podcasts as well. Also in the same vein, I usually read the Atlantic every couple of days

    Deadspin/io9/Lifehacker - Gawker has gone downhill a bit in the last year or two, but some of their sites still have great content and writers. That is, until Peter Theil and Hulk Hogan finishes them off.

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    Vice News (and other related Vice sites) (this has a ton of old school games you can play).
    Bald Move.

    I've found since listening to podcasts, I don't surf the web as much, so I don't have a list of sites like I used to.

    I know you're looking for games as well: has two other groups:

  • bizmarkiefaderbizmarkiefader San Francisco
    Deadspin - Most of the sports news with some humor and without all the filters and macho posturing you see on a lot of sites
    Giant Bomb - Video games. Way more time on here than I want to admit, especially lately
    Stack Overflow - Only reason I'm employed right now
    McCovey Chronicles - The best source for Giants stuff and nobody is even in second
    Boiled Leather - This is just tumblr about ASOIF but he posts all his TV reviews and random art and stuff on it too
  • HedgeKnight84xHedgeKnight84x East Central Indiana
    Social media aside, I have various channels I subscribe to on YouTube for entertainment, with the two at the top of my list being Red Letter Media and Funhaus, though they're not for everybody.

    RLM is easily the more well-known of the two.  If you've ever heard of Mr. Plinkett and his reviews of the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy, he's from them.  They have running shows such as Half in the Bag where they review current flims, and Best of the Worst where they watch a few weird/crazy/fun older films and discuss them, and they do this all with a lot of smart, dry humor mixed with some over the top silly stuff.  They have some other good stuff, too.

    Funhaus (pronounced like fun house) is a different animal, and they're a bunch of 30-something guys (and gal) who bring their own humor and take on video games and occasionally some TV/movie talk, though it's mostly about games and having fun either with them or (if they suck) at their expense.  Their humor can be pretty offensive to some, so be aware, but if you're not easily offended they may tickle your fancy, especially if you play (or in my case, it's more like used to play) games on PC and/or consoles and enjoy watching others experience and react to them as well.  They also just started up their own D&D campaign this week, if you enjoy those, too.  Beneath the silliness, they're a collection of smart, pretty reasonable people IMO and sometimes offer some pretty good candid thoughts.  But mostly it's ridiculous. lol :)

    For other good times with video games and movies, I enjoy the Cinemassacre channel (which includes the Angry Video Game Nerd), and for some smart takes on movies, TV, and comics, I'd definitely recommend Comic Book Girl 19.  Even when I disagree with her, I usually see where she's coming from, and I think she's generally a pretty rad person. :)
  • for sports for Blizzard games news because Sepinwall for progressive news for corporate news

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    • Youtube (for news, interviews, talkshows, comedy)
    • Reddit (it's pretty much a drug)
    • Facebook 
    • Baldmove forums (if they are covering a show I'm into)
    • (slightly NSFW) is not a site I use everyday, but it's one of the best art aggregators out there with       amazing variety. There's so much cool shit on there.
    • And porn, of course.

  • GeorgeGeorge Astoria, New York
    Niketalk - Started as a basketball shoe addiction...stuck around for the general conversation
    Google News - Every morning/afternoon/evening like clockwork.
    Bald Move Forums
    Youtube - Truth be told I get at least 70% of my 'television' entertainment from YouTube these days.
  • TravisTravis CA
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    I/m super boring on this topic, but here are my 5 (excluding my "my yahoo" page which is basically just my gateway and my personal e-mail, that said, technically that is the page I literally go to the most):

    Bald Move Forums
    Yahoo Daily Fantasy Sports (and yahoo sports and/or Baseball-Reference to look at the various games of the day and see if there are any particularly good match-ups)
    Those are the big 4, the fifth is probably either Youtube or IMDB which I use to a lesser extens

  • MichelleMichelle California
    My top 5 are going to play out like you'd probably expect.  lol   :)

    -Bald Move (even though I don't always participate in the forums every day, I still read 'em)
  • DeeDee Adelaide
    Twitter (it's basically my news source)
    Tumblr (shut up, I know)
    Bald Move (of course) (they have these little short videos I'm mildly obsessed with)
    Goodreads/Amazon (for book recos, reviews after I've read something and want to see what everyone else thought of it)
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    Reddit, Twitch, Amazon/Audible, Baldmove, Arts & Letters Daily.

    Na, just kidding, it's all porn.
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  • LukeLuke Central Illinois
    Reddit has more or less replaced the internet
    for me.

    The only other places I go are Neogaf for insider video game news and this site.
  • Super boring answer but, 

    Baldmove forums
  • cdrivecdrive Houston, TX
    Your mom's porncam
    Your dad's porncam

    I'm out
  • Excluding pron sites:

    ESPN - it's just easy to get news for different sports in one place.

    Amazon - see what tech I want to buy when I should be saving for something else. - Not too much anymore but I can search and download podcasts.

    Google - when my brain generates things that I have to search info about.

    Indeed - Because I need a better job.

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