Is Your Exterior Door A Hollow Core POS?

I thought only crappy interior closet/bathroom doors were hollow core but I guess some ultra cheap-ass contractors will skimp with whatever they can get away with, there's no way this is legal anywhere there's building codes...

This guy in Idaho busted through two apartment doors and the people in the second apartment got a gun and camera after hearing the commotion of the first and shot the guy when he busted in with a machete.

Video is graphic in a way I guess but there's no blood/gore/anything like that:

News article about it:

My instant reaction (as well as most people probably) is WTF is up with that POS cardboard hollow core door? Dude just walked through it like the Terminator.

At 3:55 he says, "You killed me" and the guy is like, "what you were gonna kill me!" and he says, "yeah you're right I was." Bizarre to say the least.


  • TaraC73TaraC73 Manchester NH
    That's awesome. My interior doors are like that, but no our outside doors are sturdy. I bet contractors cheap out all the time especially on jobs like low rent apartment buildings, housing projects etc... Most definitely goes against building code (I believe exterior doors need to be fireproof or at least Fire resistant?) anyway, wild video!
  • This is chilling...I hope the guy who did the shooting wasn't arrested.
  • Didn't watch the video but i know what you mean, while installing a deadlock on my front door i drilled the hole to installed it and noticed that it drilled through a bit fast.. looked inside and the door was made of some kind of wood cardboard! crazy easily could kick your foot straight through, very unsafe!!
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