• A_Ron_HubbardA_Ron_Hubbard Cincinnati, OH
    I heard the Firewall and Iceberg cast last week where they both seemed relieved that it's off to a good start. Which is very good news. I'd hate to see this show end with a whimper.
  • TravisTravis CA
    edited January 2015
    Agreed on all fronts. I've been really happy to hear a lot of positive contrast between this season and last season's failures. In a way saying that it's shaping up to be everything that season 5 wasn't. I don't think I hated last season as much as everyone else seemed to, but it was by far the weakest of the show. It seems like everyone that I've heard (basically the Firewall and Iceberg and Talkin TV folks) have been so pleased. Plus, I just can't wait to see Garret Dillahunt in this world. Sam Elliott too, of course, but fuck yeah Dillahunt!

    Tonight, suckers! I'm so psyched. It feels like it has been so much longer than it actually has.
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