Question about the ad free feed

Can anyone here help me? I signed up to club bald move. I am trying to subscribe to the ad free feeds of game of thrones. I copy and try to paste the url into itunes and itunes won't accept it. Jim graciously tried to help me but was unsuccessful. I called itunes and they were no help at all. Please don't just copy me the link to the instruction as i've followed them and no success. So has anyone successfully subscribed to the ad free feed on itunes that can help me? Thanks in advance.


  • Are you doing on iPhone or computer?
  • This is how I did it on my phone:
    Log in to bald move. Click on account and then premium features. Go to the feed you want to add and copy the the link to it(don't click). Then open podcast app and click the plus sign at the top to add a pod. Then paste the url you previously copied and hit subscribe. It will prompt you to log in with your bald move user/pass and then you should be all set
    KingKobraDylan B
  • I have on 2 or 3 different feeds. You need to get the link of the podcast and then go to Podcasts app. Click the + in the top left corner and paste the link to the add free podcast you want to add. It will prompt you for your username and password (enter your Bald Move credentials). If done correctly you should see it now in the "My Podcasts" section.
  • What device are you using?
  • Im using an iPhone 6 and my pc. On the phone when I click the "ad free podcast feed" button on the website drop down I get this open with news pop up and I can't get around it and when I allow to open in news it takes me to news but nothing is there. 
  • Alright thanks to @hisdudeness915 comment I am now subscribed. I was clicking on it thinking I had to go to the next page because it asks to log in again. but copying the words game of thrones worked. Thank you everyone who commented to help.
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