The Great American Football Thread

With the Superbowl fast approaching, I figure I'd see who else was a sports fan.

A couple of thoughts on the division championship games:

- Rodgers cannot seem to win a big game... he's like the new Luck, who is the new Peyton.

- Seattle should be odds on favorites, right? And if they win two in a row, I'm not sure how to feel about Russell Wilson. He's good, but certainly not great. He's a step above a game manager. He's like a game DM? Game regional supervisor?

- Pete Carroll just punched the idea that you cannot transition from college to the NFL successfully in the jeans.

- This deflated ball controversy in NE is silly, right? Even if the balls were unevenly inflated, shouldn't the refs have caught that?

- What do you think Peyton will do after this season? I'd say he comes back for one more...


  • I'm not really a sports fan but I watch sporadically, more during the playoffs of course. But I'm not really a fan of any specific teams, etc.

    To my mind Rodgers didn't lose it for GB at all, the idiots shutting down into a prevent defense in the last 5 minutes did. That and the noob that bounced the onside kick off his helmet. Seriously, they dominated them the whole game and then the idiots just shut down and stopped playing with like 5-6 minutes left in the game, on the divisional championship game they start playing like they're up 3 touchdowns. The Patriots, by contrast, were up a ton of points but still never went full retard.

    I have a sick feeling Seattle is going to win again. I really like the team just fine, it's the fans that I hate. The whole "12th man" bullshit, artificially loud stadium, ugh. Worse than New Orleans fans five years ago. I originally thought Seattle would win due to Rodgers not being 100%, so I was pleasantly surprised to see GB basically dominate them all game, only for that embarrassing finish. But a win is a win I guess, even with four interceptions...

    Deflated ball controversy is certainly silly but I don't have any problem at all believing they'd do it, they've proven their duplicity in the past so it's far from a stretch. Harbaugh is whiny bitch about the eligible receiver thing, but this seems very credible to me. I remember a period during the game when there was like 30s of extra down time between plays and they said they were given the wrong type of ball for the next play (a kicking ball instead of one for normal play or somesuch). I've never heard anything like that before ever, it was quite peculiar.

    As for refs catching it, I dunno. It's raining so they'll feel heavier than usual anyway, and how much PSI can you put into a football anyway? It probably doesn't take much difference to make the desired effect, and it's not like the refs have pressure gauges built into their whistles and test the balls every time they enter play or anything (for now anyway...).

    All I really wanted out of this Super Bowl was for Seattle and Baltimore to not be in it, and that only panned out half way. I want New England to win but I just have this feeling that they're going to fall flat and Seattle is going to win again, if for no other reason than my wanting the opposite to happen.. It already happened with Green Bay, even with like 5 turnovers...
  • ksa1001ksa1001 Plano, TX
    Deflated ball controversy IS certainly silly (who cares)

    I'm a die hard Cowboys fan (that has the mindstate that if you beat my team I want you to fall on your face) so for me, the ending of the Seahawks/Packers game was one for the ages. What a series of unfortunate events. I was listening to Bill Burr breakdown everything that was wrong in his monday morning podcast. PERHAPS after the opposing qb throws his FOURTH interception late in the 4th quarter you shouldn't just "run the ball into the asscrack of your center" for three plays straight? Just a thought. I'm sure Bostick will be kicking himself for his flub during the on-side kick, but for ME the play of the game was that 2 point conversion. I would have NEVER guessed that outcome after he was pressured back behind the 15 yard line. #gamechanger
  • A_Ron_HubbardA_Ron_Hubbard Cincinnati, OH
    I'm a Colts fan and American Football can die in a house fire.

    Having said that, DeflateGate certainly IS silly, but it's also totally believable. Belichick has this weird win at all costs mindset, and seems to take delight in skirting the rules for an advantage, even when clearly he doesn't need it. I personally know of him removing the field tarps and watering the field down in mid-January to slow down opponent receivers, to coach his defensive backs to interfere on passes because he noticed the league stops calling them in the post season, to spy on opponent signals and practices the very year where they created a rule explicitly saying you CAN'T do that, in large part because Bill was doing it, to tell outrageous lies on his injury reports, and now this.

    It did not affect the outcome of the game, I certainly wouldn't argue that, although the refs did notice it mid-game. That's why there was all this weird delay at one point where they swapped out balls. It's just one facet that makes losing to Bill fucking Belichick so infuriating. As a Broncos fan friend of mine noted, the words "IT CAN NOT BE PROVEN TO HAVE AFFECTED THE OUTCOME OF THE GAME" should be inscribed over the entrance to Gillette.

    Then again, he's honked out in the last two Bowl visits, so maybe he's in the right to be paranoid/maniacal. And I'm a Colt fan, so clearly I am not partial. I've had an asshole on our team (Bill Polian) and loved him because he was OUR asshole. I get it. It's just, as a gamer, I refuse to play against guys who act like Belichick, especially when he is so goddamned good and doesn't need the help.

    In short, go 'Hawks.

    As for my Colts, it's disgusting to get ran like that, and unfortunately it's happened far too often to my team. I'm not upset that we lost, in fact I never imagined we'd get by Denver. But 45-7, fuck that. I am over our GM, Ryan Grigson. The guy has had one job for four years; improve our ability to run when we have to, and improve our ability to stop the run. He has drafted Andrew Luck, which, yes, thanks for that, but let's also not try to make that out to be a tough decision. Otherwise, our drafts have sucked at addressing these glaring needs. And that's to say nothing about the ridiculous Trent Richardson trade, and the other less than effectual trades he's made. I'm also not convinced that #CHUCKSTRONG is the coach we need either. I am afraid we let the real coach go to the Cardinals.

  • FreddyFreddy Denton, Texas
    Don't feel bad A. Ron. I traded Dez Bryant for Trent Richardson and Roddy White in my dynasty fantasy football league...
  • I hate football.
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