Does anyone know how I can get my Bald Move Premium feed back?

giardinellogiardinello Long Island, NY
I've been having major issues over the past few weeks with my Premium feed on my Overcast app. There hasn't been a new item added to the feed since the end of July. I figured I'd just delete the feed altogether and then re-subscribe to it, hoping it would resolve the issue. 
However, I can't seem to find the specific URL to pick up the feed. I re-upped my membership in the beginning of July, but I couldn't find any link to get access to the feed. As I remember it, when I first became a premium member last year,  I was sent a Premium feed link.
Can anyone help me out?


  • Should be in your main BM profile page. There should be links to the premium feeds there.
  • giardinellogiardinello Long Island, NY
    I figured that, but there's nothing there. It says "premium features" under "account," but when I click on that it just shows all my orders. When I click to view it just has transaction details. I have no idea what happened to everything. When I first became a member it took me 5 seconds to set up the feed.
  • giardinellogiardinello Long Island, NY
    edited August 2016
    Here's a link to what's under my "account."
    The only thing on there is a audio "Thank you" download. Nothing else.
  • Might want to reach out to support. They may be able to see what is up with your account.
  • HollyoakHollyoak Baltimore
    I have Overcast and have this problem too. I thought it was just me, or that things were slow on Bald Move. But when I come to the site I see content that isn't on my phone. Like the latest Thrones podcast and Mr. Robot stuff. I tried the Firehosee Feed but it didn't work. I'll try it again.
  • HollyoakHollyoak Baltimore
    Still not working. This is what it says on the instructions:

    Overcast (iOS):

    Same feed format as Pocket Casts – http://[username]:[password]@[feed]
    If the feed doesn’t work, try adding a trailing “/” to it.


    So what goes in the [feed] bracket? I'm trying to subscribe to the Firehose feed. I used my username and password without the brackets, and also put the word "Firehose" in place of where it says Feed. What am I dong wrong?

    God bless 'Merica

  • A_Ron_HubbardA_Ron_Hubbard Cincinnati, OH
    If you're having issues after trying stuff in the support doc, best to email  There are things that can happen that leave your subscription in a limbo state in the system that requires me or Jim to go in and set things right.  That's why we are working on some better software behind the scenes.  The Club is here to stay, but the software that runs it is going to be refreshed, if not this year, than very early next year. 
  • HollyoakHollyoak Baltimore
    Thanks, A Ron. I figured it out and wrote a post on it.
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