I feel like I am taking crazy pills

In regards to John "Snows" parentage, the double d's seemed to have answered who John's mother is. Where my question lies is inregards to the naming of John. As he was born in the tower of joy and the tower of joy being located in Dorn would in fact his true last name be Sand? 


  • I think surnames are more tied to where they are raised rather than where they were born, so Snow would still be appropriate.

  • Would his name ever be Sand? Both of his parents were nobility. Granted, they were not married, but that is a Christian rule, not necessarily a rule of the Seven. Typically, bastard is for a noble man having a child with a low born woman.
  • mwspiakmwspiak Upstate NY
    I would think that the last name is taken from the area where your father is from. Seeing he's supposed to be Ned's bastard and Ned is from the North any bastard son of Ned's would be a "Snow". I don't think it matters where you are born.
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