[OFFICIAL] AHS:FS Episode 406 "Bullseye"

Consider this your open thread!


  • Just a note on Woolworth's:

    Woolworth's was awesome when I was a kid. They had a big one on 79th St and Broadway in NYC that my mum took me to quite often in the late 80s. They were especially kid friendly because although they were a drug store, they also had a soda fountain where they served ice cream and burgers. So while they didn't give food or cold cow juice away, they did have fast-food style cuisine for pretty low prices.

    However, it's tryronic (trying to be ironic) that Paul felt Woolworth's would be less discriminatory because just a few years later, in 1960, they'd be the site of the genesis of a massive sit-in protest against segregation. Students from a local college near Greensboro NC sat in at the food counter, which was exclusively for whitey. Their numbers swelled within days and spread to other states quickly.
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