Halt and Catch Fire, Season 3 Episodes 1 and 2

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Hey, we should talk about this. The 3rd season is starting out pretty strong!

Episode 1 "Valley of the Heart's Delight" - directed by Daisy von Scherler Mayer, written by Christopher Cantwell & Christopher C. Rogers

Episode 2  "One Way or Another"  - directed by Kimberly Peirce, written by Michael Saltzman

Pretty cool that they have female directors for these episodes, especially since a major theme is Donna and Cameron being exposed to the ugly sexism of the corporate world in the Valley in the 1980s.


  • Is this going to be the "official" thread or will one also be created when the podcast gets done?
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    I'll use this one.  I thought the first two episodes were great and kind of made the series stronger overall.  The way S2 ended, I thought they were getting ready for a soft reboot and render (no pun) a lot of arcs useless.  But they were very consistent and picked up right where I wanted them to.  Gordon's health is still an issue.  Mutiny is larger than ever and Donna/Cameron are finally catching breaks.  Joe is still a sociopath, but I love how they're going full McAfee with him.

    That was one of my biggest gripes with earlier seasons.  I know creatives like Joe and they're complete monsters.  I hated how they kept trying to humanize him.  But S3 looks like they're fully embracing his flaws and I find this version of the character much more entertaining.

    Speaking of the female directors, the first two episodes looked significantly better than past seasons.  Maybe a product of the show entering it's third season, or maybe they're going with a more polished aesthetic with the move to Silicon Valley.  Overall I really like what I'm seeing and it's my definitive #3 AMC show behind Mad Men and Breaking Bad.
  • KingKobra said:

    Is this going to be the "official" thread or will one also be created when the podcast gets done?

    Figured someone usually puts up a thread when an episode airs, since they sometimes use comments as feedback, so I'd get one going. Plus the Halt forum was looking lonely with zero threads!
  • KingKobra said:

    Is this going to be the "official" thread or will one also be created when the podcast gets done?

    Please use this one for the first two episodes (thanks for taking the inititaive, MrX). We'll post official threads starting with episode 3 next week. 

    - Eric 
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    Just wanted to start by saying thanks to BM for introducing me to this gem of a show. Upon hearing that they were doing a podcast I binged the two seasons over the last four days and love it for the most part.


    I don't know if I'm in the minority here, but these two episodes might be, imo, better than the rest. I love the new setting, the new workspace, the new-ish roles each character has got into, how the women are still completely in charge after last season, and I even think the jokes are landing better. I don't know, it might just be me.

    The show has constantly been evolving (in the same way as technology), and seems to reinvent itself every season, yet still remains compelling and high quality.

    I'll be honest, as soon as I embraced the fact that everyone is an asshole in their own way, the show got a lot better for me.

    Speaking of assholes, Ryan is already becoming one :)

    Can't wait for Jim to finally leave the clutches of A Ron, and the return of Eric to TV after the "success" of the Gotham podcast! [I mean, I listened, but that show was and still is cold garbage]
  • Yea I agree, I think so far (and it's still early) this season is looking better than even season 2, which was really good. I do think the setting has a lot to do with it; being in the valley means the stakes are higher. The direction and cinematography seems more polished too
  • Ryan is taking the Gordon role and Gordon already Gordoned him by ignoring what he really wanted to do and just doing what Gordon wanted to do. I'm going to hold off on judgement regarding how good this season will be, but this show for sure has hit its stride. The characters for the most part have good backstories and seem to follow their character development. As always Cam is her own worst enemy. She rails about not reading the private chats then reads them. Both of the women (lead by Cam) shot down securing private chat and then are trying to start a trade system where privacy will be a MAJOR part of it. I initially thought the hacker was Joe and that this will come up later when he tries to sell services to Mutiny (or make another move on them). Not so sure of that now, but the lack of security and professionalism will be a major factor I think I'm Thai upcoming season.
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