Prediction for the end- Tinfoil?

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So in the cast of 107 last week, I can't remember specifically but I think A Ron was talking about the tragedy of Jon and Bran being within close proximity of each other but never reuniting. 
On that subject: 
What if during the great battle that will happen of Living and Death, the Night King never gives Jon an oppurtinity to fight him? 
He wouldn't have much reason to do this, but what IF something happened that helped the Night King go "ehhh I would rather NOT be near that douche."
 So what if Bran in this chaos green-sees back to the creation of the Night King and does what he did to Willis?
 wargs into past Night King and using his abilities wargs future(current day) Night King? 
what if he makes NK go to his death? 
or maybe he and Jon could be fighting, and Bran warging helps Jon get the jump on an adversary that is otherwise playing with a puppy (if he isn't the scrawny necromancer we see him to be)
but WHAT IF Jon killing NK while Bran wargs into him, KILLS Bran? 
what if that's the final act the Three Eyed Raven does, never seeing his brother, but ultimately being right there?
 It would kind of just keep that tragedy of "always close, never united" going and it could be pretty sad for the viewers to watch and see that he has no idea that his little brother Cousin gave his life so that Morning could rise.

What if Bran dying while warged into Past and future NK kills current day Bran but keeps him inside Past NK??
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    This works but you gotta have Arya in there somewhere. 

    Jon: "You know what to do, right?"
    Arya: "Stick him with the pointy end." *sticks NK with the pointy end*
    Bran: *dies*
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