The Last Podcast On The Left

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Hi All. I know we have a thread already for other podcasts, but I feel that this one deserves special mention.

I discovered it last week and it is simply amazing. Its already my favorite podcast along side the Bald Move podcasts in general. 

Basically its three comedians talking about the dark side of life. Their topics include serial killers, conspiracy theories, cults, ghosts, UFOs and more. 

They do their research and while being hilarious the podcasts are also insightful. As of right now there are 237 episodes. I think a good entry would be their recent episodes on the serial killer Albert Fish (3 Parts). Its terrific and truly scary. Anyway you really should check this out. Here is the link:


  • WarpFoxWarpFox Nashville, TN
    I love this podcast, man. I've been listening for about two months, and the serial killer episodes are some of my favorite. Henry Zabrowski is fuckin' hilarious.
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