How commissioned podcasts work?

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Id love to know how the commissioned podcasts work since the $30 buy in for the fantasy football league is to win $300 for a commissioned cast. Is this even worth it? How many podcasts? If you guys could help me out on details?


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    Hey mate. 

    so a commissioned podcast is something the guys do. they charge $300 for it. You can go buy a commissioned podcast for anything you want them to watch. They will watch roughly 2-3 hours of content you commission. The podcast is usually anywhere from 1 to 2 hours long. Its in their shop if you want to check it out. 

    With fantasy football what we have done is get a group of 10 players together. Each person pays $30. And the winner of the league gets to commission a podcast (10 x 30 = 300). Anything they want. 

    In terms of value it works out. You pay $30 entry and if you win you get a commissioned podcast valued at $300. if you lose then your out $30. Only the winner of the league wins anything as all $300 of entry fees goes towards the commissioned podcast.

    Last year I won and I commissioned Saving Private Ryan as my choice. 

    its only one podcast. But can be on anything you want them to talk about. Any movie, TV show, whatever. But they watch 2-3 hours of content from whatever you pick. If you pick a TV show you can also choose the episodes they watch. 

    Hope that makes sense and clears it up for you. 

  • Yea it does thanks.
  • I've got another question about this: I really want to make the guys watch at least a couple of episodes of the short-lived cult fav, SPACE: Above and Beyond. I've even got the episodes picked out: "Ray Butts," and "The Angriest Angel." ...But I just can't justify dropping $300 all at once for a podcast. How do I get it put up as one of those sort-of crowd funded options, where we can put in $10 at a time, and purchase it in increments? Heck, maybe I'll even buy the whole thing myself... over the course of a couple of years. ;)

    So, how do I do this?
  • There's a community commission podcast thread. You should recommend it on that thread.
  • Link? Location? Looking, so far can't find it. Is it this Lineup thread?

    I'd suggest the guys put an option in their shop where anyone can add a commission to the shop, for some sort of nominal fee. Maybe $10-$20.
  • @sgtdraino I would be up for getting 2 or 3 episodes of Space Above and Beyond as well. Just so you know that if they put it up and more than one person buys the shares then they will ask everyone what episodes they want to be reviewed so you wouldn't be guaranteed the 2/3 episodes you want specifically. Also, if neither of the guys have seen the show or its been a long time it would be hard to get a good cast by throwing them in without a point of reference. That happened recently with the Lost podcast and they did their best but wasn't that great. I would say the pilot would be good and then see if they would do another episode to go along with that since that would be just short of 3 hrs.
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