303 - Flipping the Switch

Written by Lisa Albert
Directed by Jeff Freilich


  • NathanNathan Winterfell, The North, Westeros
    Please don't tell me they're making Team Mutiny be fighting all the time just so Joe can swoop in to save the day! 

    Liked this episode, although I'm tired of Gordon's BS complaining. I'm not sure if you get to be angrier than your spouse if you are the one betraying her, but that's just my opinion. Donna may still be trying to save her marriage, but honestly, it would probably be better if they spent some time apart. They both need to figure out what they want themselves, rather than dragging each other forcibly into each other's lives.

    Oh, and Joe is totally putting the moves on Ryan, both professionally and romantically. 

    Finally, I'm proud that Cameron seems to be maturing. S1 Cameron would totally have trashed Ryan's house, so it's good to see some good quality development as she becomes an adult with her own company.
  • MrXMrX CO
    edited August 2016
    "Don't smile. We might fail."

    *Que "Burning Down the House"*

    So what is Ryan going to invent the Yahoo toolbar malware that gets bundled with free antivirus software? Visionary!

    Seriously though, another solid episode. Loved seeing Boz get to show off his business smarts and calling out Swap Meet's shell of a company. And he may have a new admirer...

    Cameron is clearly taking on too much and the company is gonna suffer for it. I do think they're handling the conflict with Donna and Gordon well so far, but I agree they can't drag out all season.
  • This show is too good to not be recognized. Each season has really improved exponentially imo
  • Gordon continues to be Gordon, he does annoy me at times, but is "brilliant" at times as well. I'm not sure what they have planned for him as he really isn't a clean savior type.

    Donna, is staring to feel that pressure again. She has so many people counting on her, that her little mistakes may turn out to be big ones. She is one of my favorite characters, sometimes the decisions her character makes leave me scratching my head.

    Can while full of fire, is also seining on the Personality pendulum. She seems to be slightly more mature, but at the same time will run off talent, pay to see kids fight, and overall just wants chaos.

    Joe, well Joe has always struggled to do what's right and what's smart. They are not always the same thing. I didn't see him "hitting" on Ryan at all. His actions reminded me a lot of his interactions with Gordon. He's a manipulator and learns quickly what will and won't make people work for him.

    Looking forward to the podcast!
  • Just discovered Bald Move was doing a Halt & Catch Fire podcast. Really glad to see it. Now I just have to go back and listen to last week's podcast before I get to this one :)
  • DrewDrew indianapolis
    This season has been great so far! It seems like San Francisco has chilled everyone out except Gordon, but I guess having that affair on his conscious is just eating him away. I'm think divorce will atleast be asked for by Donna by the end of the season and that bums me out because I like them two characters.

    I really hated Cameron last season, she was annoying, bitchy, and just not fun to watch, this season so far she seems to have matured like the guys mentioned on the podcast. She's way smarter about the business, isn't trying to take everything on herself and just seems way more relaxed. Also really liking Joe Chill, his new attitude is nice and I like to see him not destroying his life and everyone around it.
  • @Drew Is Joe really being chill though? I think he's just more passive about being a manipulative dick. I'm hoping Ryan will see through it before Joe takes something meaningful from him like he has pretty much everybody else on the cast.
  • DrewDrew indianapolis
    I think he is. I mean first off you have him wanting to distribute his virus protection for free and having a crisis of faith that he's going to have to charge for 2.0. He's also willing to give Gordon, what was it 60-70% of his company just to come work for him. I think he feels bad that he's had so much success based off Gordon's code, I also feel like he isn't just trying to get Gordon to work for him to further the company but because he genuinely cares about and thinks of Gordon as a friend. I mean even at his party he had isolated himself to his deck and wasn't bragging to Ryan about anything at the party but instead talked about how most didn't even know whose home they were. He seems depressed to me.
  • Really enjoying what Eric is bringing to the table in this cast. Great work guys. Sorry, no Tandy Shandy recipes here, but looking forward to having this cast for the rest of the season. 
  • DrewDrew indianapolis
    The sound quality for this pod is flawless, if I remember from the PA days Eric is in Seattle right? Anytime I've heard a podcast with people in separate states it sounds like shit but it sounds like these guys are in the same room.
  • @Drew Is Joe really being chill though? I think he's just more passive about being a manipulative dick. I'm hoping Ryan will see through it before Joe takes something meaningful from him like he has pretty much everybody else on the cast.

    I think he's being 100% chill. I don't think he has, or ever had, any intention to charge for his 2.0 product. We know he would have no problem telling his board that and that they will just have to deal with it, but I think that whole scene was just a test for Ryan to see what he had to work with. He so obviously wanted Ryan to say something not for Joe's or his company's sake, but to see if Ryan would come at the board with the same passion he went at Joe with in trying to get hired. He knows Ryan has the passion for the great projects, but Joe wants to know if he can bend/mold that passion to his will.

    With Joe I think they're going the full Steve Jobs route. He will essentially take his company to it's height and his board will cast him out. At that point they crash and burn and he comes back as the grand visionary to save the world and create the iJoe and the joePad

    In the meantime, I just wonder what project him and Ryan will 'Forrest Gump' their way into. Was shareware a thing yet in 1986? Full graphical OS GUI ala Windows? Stealing Mutiny's IP via Ryan and beating them to market?


  • DrewDrew indianapolis
    Anyone think the hacker will come back up at Mutiny? My theory was that it was Joe and that's how he knew about Bozs grandson but with all the Tom mentions I think it could be him, plus if Joe doesn't know shit about coding how would he be able to hack.

    The show likes to give these characters the ability to manufacture proto tech to what we use today so a joePad could be cool but that may be stretching it, so maybe a Windows style OS would be more reasonable.
  • Natter CastNatter Cast San Francisco, CA
    Was I the only one worried that Gordon might be falling into the Upside Down?
  • Natter CastNatter Cast San Francisco, CA
    As a longtime "secret Matthew Lillard fan," I'm with Jim...always glad to see the SLC punk himself :)
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