Susan's smart home and other filming locations


  • That smart home is a display area for a high end audio brand that keeps changing ownership and recently had a leveraged buyout.  I wonder who really owns that smart home.  
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    @Doctor_Nick Well there's easily like $100k+ in McIntosh amps at 0:07 so I'm guessing McIntosh.

    Edit, dur, they even say so three seconds later :p
  • @ghm3 i don't believe that for a second. That house might be worth a good percentage of the entire McIntosh business.
  • @Doctor_Nick Wow really? What do you figure that house sold for last? 20 million? 30? (total randomly spitballing) I know McIntosh is a small company but you really don't think they could cover the overhead of that mortgage? Do you think some random company leases it out to various high-end electronics companies to showcase stuff for a year and then rotate it out? That would strike me me as kinda odd.. Even if it'd be worth a good chunk of their business I don't see it being anything but a solid investment, I can't imagine that .1%er Manhattan real-estate values will drop anytime soon.
  • The article estimates $40 million dollars. McIntosh and whatever allied brands its affiliated with may move $100 million a year, maybe. I find them owning that house really unlikely.
  • The Townhouse is not just a showcase for McIntosh, it is a profit center. I have no idea what World of McIntosh earns, and tbh I'm unfamiliar with its fellow brands*, but a luxury brand conglomeration that plans to open similar flagships worldwide (Los Angeles, Paris, Milan, Berlin, and Hong Kong) sounds like it's not doing too bad. Or it could overreach. Only time will tell.

    "The Townhouse (as the McIntosh Group calls it) isn’t just a seller’s dreamhome showcase — it’s also a rentable venue, and it commands some seriously big-bucks for rentals — and yes, it’s rented out pretty much continuously. Said another way, the WoM Townhouse is a profit center for the company. Charity events, music launches, and more — and yes, apparently you can even schedule a visit."

    *Brands: Audio Research, McIntosh, Pryma, Sonus faber, Sumiko, Sumiko Subwoofers and Wadia
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