One keeps you sharp, and one's a beer. 

Consider this your Tandy Shandy megathread. Give us a combo of a beer and a caffeinated soda. We'll try the best concoctions on the Mutiny Community podacst and give you a full review. Hopefully, by the end of the season we will have discovered the definitive Tandy Shandy. 

Example: Dr. Pepper & Shiner Bock 

Go wild!



  • Next week's recipe: Surge & Blue Moon
  • MichelleMichelle California
    edited September 2016
    Mountain Dew & Pyramid Apricot Ale
    Cherry Coke & Guinness
    Weinhards Root Beer & any pumpkin ale (actually could be good given the combination of spices) (not caffeinated, but still)
  • Former bartender here, there are a few pairings that might actually be pretty good:

    Most Obvious fit- Leinenkugel's Summer Shandy and Surge or Sunkist lemonade
    For the Beach- Corona and Mellow Yellow with salt and lime
    Dark fruit- Cherry coke and Abita Purple Haze
    Best bet for complementary flavor and buzz- Blue Moon and Sunkist with an orange slice
    Southern Shandy: Lazy Magnolia's Southern Pecan and Barq's Root beer
    For the IPA Crowd- Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA and Mountain Dew
    For a kick- Grimbergen Dubbel and Jolt Cola

    My Pick: Oskar Blues' Old Chub Scotch Ale and Vanilla Coke  (This has the most alcohol, sugar, and a lot of caffeine, and even if it's no good, you'll still have 5 Old Chub left, which is really good, it's my go to fishing beer)

  • Whoa!  Sunkist has caffeine?!?!  I was under the impression that all orange sodas were caffeine-free.  I need to pick one of those up for the Blue Moon pairing rather than the Surge.  Thanks, @quovadimus  I was assured that Surge had an orange flavor but I tasted it this morning and to me it's definitely a nondescript citrus flavor more akin to Mountain Dew.

    The Vanilla Coke was where I was going next, maybe with a "Not Your Father's Root Beer", though I'm not sure if that fits the theme. I'll let you all be the judge.  And I'll see if I can find Old Chub.
  • For those looking for lots of caffeine and high ABV, may I suggest Jolt Cola (RIP) and Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA.

  • Real late to the Shandy Party but I've been catching up on this show. 

    Wells Banana Bread Beer and Sprite
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