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    Hmmm. Donald just does not say Lando for me. He's too nerdy... not smooth enough. Like he is, but he isn't. Not Lando smooth. BUT I am certain he can pull it off, dude is talented AF, it just doesn't seem a natural fit to me...

    Anthony Mackie would be better I think. Whenever I see him in interviews he just has so much natural charisma and charm, I think he would kill it. I also saw Daveed Diggs as a dream casting choice, and that would just be incredible. But he would steal every single last scene ;)

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    While I'm happy with Glover I certainly would've enjoyed Mackie in the role. Love that guy.
  • Just as a heads up Brian Tyree Henry (PaperBoi) was on the Channel 33 podcast today. Good interview and it gives some insight to the show and him.
  • I love the show. I like most of the episodes (was not really feeling the Justin Bieber episode &.I don't know how to feel about the Montague episode). Darius at the shooting range was so spot on. There's a lot to unpack in each episode which makes the show very interesting. I think it was a wise decision to do half hour episodes, nothing seemed irrelevant.

  • Drew said:

    Why didn't she just take her daughters diaper off and wait for her to have to pee? Anyway, great episode, may be my favorite so far.

    Late comment but I assume she didn't want Earn to know. Time was running and Earn was already firmly with their daughter. I think it would be weird for her to go back and take her from Earn.
  • Perfect end to the season. This show is basically the funniest drama on TV. This may have been my favorite episode so far, despite the fact that it was the least funny (although as always DG's writing always contains amazingly funny lines and situations). I'm really excited to see where the show goes in the second season. When the season started, I described it to friends i was trying to get to watch it as "black Louie", but after this debut season I think that's actually a disservice to Atlanta. 

    I can't remember a show that's had more confidence in itself in the first season. Right from the first episode, DG and his crew knew exactly what they wanted this show to be. It felt realized right away, which is more than I can say for even some of my favorite shows of all time. 
  • Also, I love the subtlety that this show handles controversial and relevant topics with. The whole episode built towards making you value an inanimate object (the jacket). When we finally see it as the police are shooting at the dude wearing it, Earn (and the audience's) knee jerk reaction is "oh shit don't ruin the jacket!) The few seconds after though, the sobering reality of the situation hits you (or hit me at least). I thought the symbolism there was beautiful.
  • Nooooooooo it can't be over already :( this is for sure the break out hit that "no one" is watching. The way it intertwines serious social topics and comedy is damn near perfect. Had me saying WTF was in your jacket (that would make you ask the DEA/ATF to search the pockets). To end on Elevators was just icing on the cake.

    Can't wait for this show to get back on the air.
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  • Well it look like "The Watch" on the BS podcast network has another "in". They posted an interview with Nick Grad (President of Original Programming for FX) about Atlanta yesterday. It gives a little insight into some of the behind the scenes work that went on to make the show.
  • I'm kind of happy I never had to pay over a $1 for a can of Arizona.  
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    Looks like season 2 is delayed until 2018 (dang you Star Wars).

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    Looks like season 2 is delayed until 2018 (dang you Star Wars).


    I know right I'm sick! But hopefully Star Wars is worth it.
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    "You made that up"

    "Everything's made up, nigga. Stay woke."
  • I got about halfway through the series over the holidays, and then it disappeared from the FX app and from FX online.  I remember that FX did this to me with the first season of Fargo a few years ago too.  That season took forever and then finally showed up on Hulu.  Why do they pull it down?  I hate to buy it, since I'm already paying for FX through cable and for Hulu!
  • It seems like TV apps like to do that, except for HBOGO.  Maybe they don't have the capacity that Netflix, Hulu, HBO has.  I missed out on  Preacher (AMC) & The Americans Season 4 because of that.  It could be also to drive DVD/Blu-Ray sales.
  • Season 2 started tonight, do we need a new thread?
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