Blue Ruin

edited January 2015 in Movies
Anyone else see this? Excellent movie. It has a pretty straightforward vengeance plot but it's presented in a way that couldn't be less Hollywood. Think Coen brothers, not Luc Besson.

Instead of some violent flashback scene showing the cause for his motivations as far too many movies would fall for, all you get is a few seconds of a newspaper headline a few minutes in to hint at his motivations. There's no spoon feeding the audience, and it doesn't insult you with absurdity. He's never done anything like what he's about to do before, so he makes mistakes like as an amateur would.

Everything in this movie is excellent, from the acting (by everyone) to writing and directing. Especially considering the paltry budget it must have had. Check it out, it's well worth your 90 minutes.


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