HACF : Loving your coverage!

Hey there, Jim and Eric.

Just wanted to let you know that I've REALLY been enjoying your Halt and Catch Fire podcast. I've been listening to Bald Move since GOT season 6 coverage began and quickly became a paying club member. When I heard you were going to start covering this show I binged through the first two seasons and LOVED it. I know you don't get a whole lot of feedback, so I wanted to drop a line and let you know that you DO have listeners and we are pickin up what you're puttin down.

Thank you both - looking forward to your continued coverage of the series.

-Mike Hazen 
Santa Rosa, CA


  • Thanks, Mike!  I'm having a good time recording with Eric and the show has been really good so far.  It's nice to know that you, and at least several other people, are enjoying the podcast.
  • I'd like to leave some positive feedback and appreciation as well.  I'm not able to watch the show live, but I will definitely listen to this podcast once it rolls around to streaming on netflix.  I've caught up on a lot of shows this way (TWD, Justified, Better Call Saul, Leftovers).   
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