Mr. Robot is Elliot is a Cyborg

It seems unavoidable at this point.

Elliott's not mentally ill - he's just running multiple operating systems. Human + some AI system that maybe was integrated/implanted after his Coney Island accident? By the Dark Army? He can't seem to control when he's switching between the two. Or maybe even if they are running in parallel? Maybe they've uploaded Tyrrell's 'personality' onto its own partition?

Overheating, flashing display, rebooting into different systems that don't reliably interface with each other.

We've seen memories of his childhood, but have we seen anything after the accident prior to the current time period? Do we know anything about his post accident recovery that would support or rule any of this out?


  • akritenbrinkakritenbrink Lynnwood, WA (Seattle area)
    I really hope this isn't true and his android-ness stays metaphorical.
  • I think this show has so may find-the-easter-egg-now and off the show extra puzzles and mysteries that people start reading a little too much into it.

    Even in the podcast, Jim and Aron last about 30 minutes before going off the rails into Elliot is a cyborg/AI singularity/alien/all a dream sequence/is an actual ALF episode/is actually every character/insert crazy theory.

    I think the show really is just about a guy who is a really good hacker with some often debilitating mental issues who has stumbled into (or was recruited into) a broader global conspiracy around consolidation of power and currency. Everything else is just gravy for the world's sub-reddits and show forums. If we get to the end of season 3 and it's suddenly "Surprise! Elliot is a super advanced Cyborg!" that might be fun for us, but for any average TV viewer it's going to be a serious WTF moment, and not in "Wow, Neo was actually in the Matrix the whole time" way.

    Have we seen any hints of sci-fi elements in the show? Doesn't seem like we have even if you're watching it with that in mind. Just seems like too big of a bait-n-switch this far into the game.


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