[OFFICIAL] Episode 413 "Curtain Call"

Director: Bradley Buecker
Writer: John J. Gray


  • Frakkin TFrakkin T Currently Offline
    A.Ron--what's the email cutoff for AHS feedback? I sent one after work Thursday (Midnight) two weeks in a row and I missed them both.

    I'm about to watch; I have zero expectations and I'm not attached to any particular outcome, although I'll be sad if the twins die. I wouldn't be surprised to see time-jumps, maybe even to the present day with Evan Peters in old-man makeup like they did to Sarah Paulson in Asylum's finale. Outside prediction I want to get on the record: Elsa does not actually become a TV star but suffers a hideous fate. I know it's impossible without a) questioning Pepper's flashforward or b) some extremely crappy writing, but I have a feeling.
  • DeeDee Adelaide
    Huh. I am underwhelmed.
  • Frakkin TFrakkin T Currently Offline
    I had to stop 20 minutes in to appreciate how well they set up Dandy this year. The massacre felt totally earned. I am stunned.
  • Frakkin TFrakkin T Currently Offline
    I think the problem this season has been Elsa Mars. I realized during the extended epilogue that I didn't really care about Elsa at all, and clearly I was supposed to. I still thought it was a good ending. Glad to know that Ryan Murphy believes in the "Stars Never Pay" school of thought regarding what happens when you die. I kinda wish the Elsa stuff had been early and the massacre happened closer to the end.
  • DeeDee Adelaide
    @FrakkinToaster‌ I hadn't thought about it but I think you're right about Elsa. When she was having long scenes in this season I was always getting restless and flicking through my phone. I really didn't have much interest in her.

    Dandy was wonderful - the best AHS character ever created.
  • manhattnikmanhattnik the big apple
    You're right, Dee. Did Elsa ever have any scenes that *weren't* long?

    I think the problem I had with Elsa is that she was always such a chatty Cathy. Everything was words, words, words in that irritatingly overdone accent. Because she was always bullshitting, she reminded me a bit too much of the kind of Eurotrash of all ages you run into in NYC all the time, a bit entitled and always explaining how they know better than anyone, with the certitude of the aggressively ignorant. Or a wordy bullshitter. Whenever she opened her mouth, the action screeched to a halt. Shut up Elsa, and put on The Blue Angel. You know you want to.
  • OK so about that ending....So Elsa is in this purgatory like place where she performs every night with the other dead freaks in front of packed tent full of people. Did you guys think that at the last second it would be revealed that she was in hell? Like she was so worried about being punished for her sins but in the end she ended up in heaven basically not having to pay for all the horrible things she'd done? Idk....I don't need my feedback read on air but I wanna know how u and Cecilie feel about the ending. I guess having to perform david bowie songs for all eternity could be considered hell for some people.
  • There was scene during the finale in which Jimmy yells at Dandy and says something like, "you're a murder' and all I could think of was A.ron last week saying that the actor who plays Jimmy can only convey anger or general frustration by yelling his lines lol...made me laugh.
  • JLP1680JLP1680 New Jersey
    yes Bronco - I laughed at loud when Jimmy screamed !!!
    - and I totally agree with Frakkin & Dee, re: Elsa - when she was on screen I completely zoned out

    and I have the BIGGEST crush on Dandy - He is perfect, I was sad when they killed him LOL and my husband thinks Im a sick f@#%
  • Thank God that is over. I don't have any more time to hate-watch this friggin' show. You know, I think it may have been a more cohesive season if they had kept Twisty and then, on the finale, have Mordrake come and usher him into his new world. At least we would have felt something. It would have been an odd ending, but the ending they went with was underwhelming too.

    A. Ron--you and Cecily were pointing out odd inconsistencies and plot points in the last episode: cutting to Jimmy sneaking in as a butler; Elsa saying how much she hated her husband; Elsa doing the Halloween show even though she was fired. Dude, that's just bad writing. Let's call it what it is. The writers seem to have backed themselves into a corner, and just needed to find a way to wrap up this whole sad debacle.

    Glad it's over. Looking forward to you and Jim doing the Americans.
  • Knuddlemaus is a German term used as an endearment...like Cuddle Bunny or Honey Bear. A cute nickname for a baby or child for instance. If you're still interested...
    And I agree with all your points from the last podcast regarding Curtain Call. Good start of the season, sloppy middle, fast wrap up with so many loose ends and untouched opportunities for interesting story points. Had sooooo much more potential.
  • What happened to Russell Meepington? Last we saw he was all Meeped out in a crate, did Dandy shoot him too or was he just left there stuck in that crate after the massacre?
    Also, fun to see November Papa Hotel's real life husband as Elsa's husband/sub/undercover German.
  • meskojmeskoj Manchester, MI
    I had to laugh while listening to this podcast episode because A.Ron and Cecily (sp?) kept repeating the "Always leave them Dinty Moore" line and even explained as some German thing where you leave people some soup as you part ways. You guys sounded so confident in this old German proverb but doesn't it make a lot more sense that Elsa was saying "Always leave them wanting more." in her sometimes terrible German accent? That to me seems a lot more likely considering it's ties into show business and the fact that I can't find anything online referring to the old German saying of "Always leave them Dinty Moore". If you google it, it autofills to the "wanting more" after you type "always leave" so this seems to be a much more popular saying. ;) Thanks for keeping me laughing. Normally, I'm blown away by your insights and the work you do to dig into the meaning of things so this one just tickled me funny. I will take knowledgable and insightful right along with the funny and ridiculous. Keep up the great (and entertaining) work!
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