(6.01 spoilers) end of the episode events

Right when Boyd had Dewey look at the photograph, you knew Boyd was going to kill him. I can buy Boyd's reasoning, but considering how closely both of them are being watched, was this a good idea?
I was happy that Dewey was released from prison because he can add some levity to the situation. So, I was bummed in a way, that he was snuffed out so early in the season.
This seems to be an indication that this season may take a very dark, apocalyptic turn.


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    Oh he needed to go! There's only so long a bumbling idiot can slip through the cracks. I like the turn and I also saw it coming a mile away. Loved the various call backs to the pilot (like poor Dewey being assaulted by Raylan and the steering wheel again). They're driving home the point that the end is near and Harlan county ain't what it used to be. I'm personally very optimistic for this final season closing things out properly.

    Side Note: The convo between Raylan and Art seemed to try to plant in our head that it's not a given that Raylan will survive.

    Red Herring or foreshadowing?
  • I really enjoyed injured sage Art. Seeing them on friendly terms was great. They might be our last source of witty banter, as Dewey is dead and I don't see Raylan and Boyd having any more charming conversations.
    Boyd already cashed in his "use Dewey for his Raylan immunity" chip. The season seems to be setting up Boyd trying to pull off one last big score so he can leave, Raylan trying to catch 1 more bad guy (Boyd) before he can be with his family, and with Ava struggling with what she has to do...
  • Yeah, I think Raylan's survival is a coin flip, really. I think that there is no way Ava survives this season.

    I was sad to see Dewey go. He's a really great character, but I agree totally with what you are saying. I think the moment really said a lot. It was the show coming out and telling the audience that they're not f'n around. Also, Dewey has always been a bit of a wild card and with the Mexico stuff out in the wind he was clearly a liability. It also proved how far Boyd will go to protect his future. I mean killing Devil who was a friend, but a friend who was betraying him is one thing. Killing everyone's favorite Nazi puppy dog because he was a hanging thread, even right after he swore his loyalty is pretty cold blooded.

    All in all, I thought it was a pretty good table setter of an episode. I really can't wait to see how they set up the board. I can't wait to see Wynn and Catherine to see how all of that sets up, and I literally went "WOOOOO!" when I saw Dickie Bennett appear in the "this season on..." I can't wait to see that dude.
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    Killing Dewey was brilliant for a number of reasons:
    1. Set the tone and stakes for the season
    2. Validated Ava's fear of Boyd
    3. Firmly established Boyd as someone we should not be rooting for
    4. Confirmed that there is no going back for any of these characters, which is interesting because Ava went back to her old job at the salon. I'm really rooting for Ava to make it out alive.
    5. In an episode that was full of callbacks and mirrors to the pilot, down to a very creepy mirror of Raylan breaking into his ex's house while she's asleep, killing Dewey seemed to shut the door on any more sentimental visits to earlier episodes.

    I thought it was an exceptionally strong episode and intricately structured. I got an extra kick out of Dillahunt's appearance, even though it seemed a bit jarring, but they tied it into the episode thematically with Raylan waxing sentimentally (falsely?) about the house.
  • I loved the whole exchange about Dewey being a water skiing Goofy at Disneyland.

    I also really enjoyed Dillahunt's scene. I loved the tension of it, and I agree about enjoying Raylan's feelings about the house. I can't wait to see how Dillahunt is going to fit into all of this.
  • Dillahunt? was that the Mercedes guy in the field with the suitcase full of cash? someone please refresh my memory who he is...?
  • pavlovsbellpavlovsbell Brooklyn, NY
    jpthet said:

    Dillahunt? was that the Mercedes guy in the field with the suitcase full of cash? someone please refresh my memory who he is...?

    Yes. I was actually wondering how much of an impression he made on viewers who have not watched Deadwood (or didn't recognize him from it), and thus did not get an extra Deadwood reunion thrill.
  • Not so relevant to the Justified type of universe, but he was also probably the best part of Raising Hope (which was a great show with a lot of great parts to it).
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    jpthet said:

    Dillahunt? was that the Mercedes guy in the field with the suitcase full of cash? someone please refresh my memory who he is...?

    Looper & Deadwood alum
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    @pavlovsbell‌ Thumbs up for the shout out in the podcast.
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    @ksa1001 -- Thanks, although maybe I should start signing my posts because everyone assumes that I am a guy. ;)

    Signed -- Rachael H.
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    The patriarchy strikes again!!
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