Mr. Robot Finale Air Time?

I thought both parts of the two part finale were set to air tonight and IMDB still shows them both airing today, but the schedule for USA only shows part 1 airing at 10 ( With a quick search I can't find anything about part two being postponed other than a guy on reddit saying it was pushed to next week nested like 5 levels deep in the comments.

I didn't listen to the podcast last week so maybe this was covered but does anyone know what's going on with this? Does part two air tonight?


  • It was originally scheduled to be a double-length episode like the premiere, but yeah, I think they have pushed part 2 back to next week.
  • AshleyAshley Atlanta, GA
    I can't remember if it was BaldMove that mentioned it, but I did hear on some podcast that part 2 is airing next week. Also, on September 8, the Mr. Robot Twitter account said there were two weeks left.
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