Verge After Show

That's the official after show, right?  USA has it viewable on their website so I assumed it was.  Watched it for the first time this week (211) and turned it off after 10 minutes because it sucked so hard.  It was all a bunch of self-promotion, bad jokes and inside references to Verge content (I assume, I'm not a reader).  

Can anyone tell me what they like about the after show?  What am I missing?


  • Jim, they do sometimes have good guests on. I find the show geared towards a younger crowd though,
    Much like their podcasts.

    It's the officially unofficial (Ba dumdum tish) after show that is on when Hacking Robot isn't on. I've only watched a couple, but it seemed pretty on par for their podcasts. It does grate me the wrong way sometimes, but I know that I'm not the target audience.

    I much prefer your podcast, but can see the appeal of the one they do, especially if they bring in an "expert". It seems that folks are trying to capture what TTD does, but in many cases they aren't long enough nor are they planned well enough. Some of these shows make you really appreciate how well put together TTD is.

    Disclaimer: my cousin is an editor of The Verge, so I may be biased (although Some of what they do makes me want to bang my head against a wall).
  • Maybe I need to check out the ones where they interview the cast / crew or an expert to really appreciate it.  Or maybe they just have a show structure that doesn't work for me.  I dunno.  I'll give it another shot after the finale.  Hopefully they'll have Esmail on to talk about season 2.
  • Believe me, their format isn't for everyone. It's the no former format. It's kind of all over the place and they get distracted easily. I try to treat it like a podcast and just listen to the audio. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. Since they are partly owned by NBC they should have an "in" with cast/creators.
  • ElisaElisa Los Angeles
    When they had Kor Adana, staff writer and BD Wong it was pretty cool.
  • PSPS Montreal, Canada
    The "real" aftershow called Hacking Robot with Andy Greenwald is much better, but unfortunately they don't do those every week.  

  • ElisaElisa Los Angeles
    They may do it again for the finale.
  • Elisa said:

    They may do it again for the finale.

    They did it for the penultimate episode. I believe they are done and all others will be Verge. I think in the beginning they only planned for 2 Hacking Robots.
  • ElisaElisa Los Angeles
    Really on The Verge after show this past Wednesday, they said this was their final after show for the season.  They are not covering the finale.  
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  • ElisaElisa Los Angeles
    Bald move is enough ;o)
  • Nilay is getting a littlel too big for his own britches, imho. But their Verge podcast does offer some pretty good insight. They spend a lot of time laughing at themselves and their own inside jokes in this episode of the aftershow in particular. Trying a little to hard to add some production value, imho.

    That being said, there are at least a half dozen other podcasts about Mr Robot that are a lot worse.
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