306 - And She Was

Hellloooo anyone still watching? I thought it was a good episode, but for some reason it still feels like setup for a longer story. Hopefully we will start seeing some focusing in the back half of the season. I did like the Donna at the "weekend home" part as it shows that while passionate Cameron is still her and the companies biggest hurdle. Her mushroom trip vision was something I hope comes to fruition sometimes soon.

The people love Cameron for what she is doing/has done, but when it comes to the business side of things she may love her creation too much. Cameron once again seems to be acting out (letting go the swap meet guys) and continuously saying "giving away MY company". She's never going to be Ok with Mutiny being "corporate". While the buyout was life changing money for them, she'd find someway to sabotage the deal. Even with her husband coming to live with her, I'm not sure if that's enough. As it's been brought up in the podcast and previous discussions her refusal to grow as well as others not fostering her emotional growth is her fatal flaw.

Joe and Ryan continue to be too visionary. While we know they are right, at the time I'm sure it looked foolish. This is sort of recycled from seasons past, but I do enjoy this part of the story. Now have the seeds planted for Gordon to come in and help push Joe and Ryan's vision forward. Hopefully this makes for a good wrap up to the season.

Overall I still enjoy this show, but I still wonder if they are trying to do too much with the story. They seem to be trying too hard to fit this group into many of the future big name utilities and technologies that the general population might be familiar with.


  • It's still great, there's just not much of an audience here.  After the argument about the credit card transactions, the lie, and Cameron's general malaise, I interpreted a lot of these moments as pretty dark.  When Cameron found out about Gordon's illness and that Donna knew about it, I'm pretty sure that's a bullet in the chamber.  She immediately moves out and tries to set up something for Gordon outside of Mutiny.  I don't think Cameron is going to allow any more changes to Mutiny and everyone is on the chopping block, even Bos.
  • I think this was much, much better than last week. Cameron's and Joe's story paralleled each other in the sense that both have trouble coming to grips that what they see as art is really just a business. The Donna/Cameron relationship still feels a bit too middle school to me, but I really enjoyed the Gordon and the Joe plotlines. The Joe McMillan clause was a specially smart piece of writing, because it fit in so nicely with seasons 1 and 2, instead of the near complete reboot of Joe that season 3 seemed to be heading towards.
  • I'm still trying to figure out how constantly and arbitrarily rearranging yarn and thumbtacks on a cork board every 5 minutes, tearing it off at random, then yelling "Eureka! That's it!" is a thing.

    This seems to be the next step the way the show likes to have the 4 main characters seemingly responsible for 90% of the 21st century tech:

  • DrewDrew indianapolis
    I don't know guys I don't think this Tom marriage is going to last. Also that Mario Bros. scene was great, I'm really glad Cameron and Gordon are being friendly to each other now.
  • Wahl-eWahl-e Seattle
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    Drew said:

    I don't know guys I don't think this Tom marriage is going to last. Also that Mario Bros. scene was great, I'm really glad Cameron and Gordon are being friendly to each other now.

    I'm with you. I don't see Cam and Tom living happily ever after. 
  • Man I wish I had that projection tv to play Mario Bros when I was a kid!

    Glad to see the Gordon-Joe lawsuit plotline starting to pay off. Another strong episode.
  • Natter CastNatter Cast San Francisco, CA
    "Apparently, 'And She Was' is some sort of 'Talking Heads' song?" - Jim "Let's Make Jason Feel Older Than Copper Pipe" Jones
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