307 - The Threshold

Thought I'd start this.
I thought this was a phenomenal episode. Perhaps the best of the season.

But there is one thing that has been bugging me, that I think that the guys have mentioned on the podcast. Whenever Cameron talks about the company being hers, or her idea, or the insane amount of deference most people have for her, no one seems to bring up "hey, community was Donna's idea, swap meet was purchased by Diane, and it's all hosted on the server that Gordon bought." Cameron is like the Mark Zuckerberg of mutiny. Which brings me to a question:

Is the fact that no one seems to bring that up (Donna's idea,Diane's Money, Gordon's server) an oversight on the part of the writers, or is that very much intentional (maybe Donna doesn't bring it up given Cameron's fragile ego)? I'd hope for the latter, but given tonight's episode it seems like the former.


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    Is the fact that no one seems to bring that up (Donna's idea,Diane's Money, Gordon's server) an oversight on the part of the writers, or is that very much intentional (maybe Donna doesn't bring it up given Cameron's fragile ego)? I'd hope for the latter, but given tonight's episode it seems like the former.

    Well put. I think we may be moving toward a coup against Cameron. 
  • Yeah, that seems like the direction we're heading, which is why I wonder if the writers just forgot about that stuff (or, in the spirit of being welcoming to new viewers, don't want to rely too much on season 2 material). Because that whole argument seemed to be the perfect moment to say "if it wasn't for all of us, you'd be in your basement writing games that were going to be ripped off in two weeks."

    But that is a minor gripe in what is the best episode of the season, easily.
  • This was the best epsidoe of the season thus far. This show does know how to end well that is for sure.

    @joepinetree im not sure that they needed to get that specific. Cam had already burnt the bridges with her behavior. Those of course would be trump cards if she pushed further, but really there was no need. That scene basically said it all, Cam HAD acted like a spoiled child (mine mine mine) and this action that she took pushed it over the top. She went in there saying she was open to discussion, but that was only if people did things her way. Until now people never really called her on it (with viable threats).

    It will be interesting to see Joe and Gordon work together again, although I wonder if the ramifications from Ryan's dirty work will last long. While they make a good team, it often becomes toxic.

  • Great fucking episode. 
  • This was probably my favorite episode of the season as well. One of the aspects of the show I enjoy most is seeing smart people working together on big problems so I let out a "fuck yeah!" when Gordo tossed the keys back to Joe. Hopefully Ryan's retaliation won't permanently damage their new venture.

    Speaking of which - what exactly are they doing? Are they creating an ISP or more of a portal like AOL? I could see down the road the potential for either cooperation or conflict with Mutiny as they usher in the internet age.
  • What an amazing episode of TV. It felt like every story line in the show converged in that conference room and imploded on itself.

    I'm still not quite sure how Diane and Boz were looking at the situation. It was obvious they would have both preferred a compromise rather than being forced into either Donna or Cameron's side, but how strongly did they feel going public right away was the right idea? Was it more about reading the room and cashing out because the company wont be as good as it is without both of them?
  • That was really really good. The board meeting was so intense and so well acted. And I'm actually quite excited to see Joe and Gordon get the team back together! I like ruthless/doesn't give a fuck Gordon.

    Also, the last scene where Joe slowly nopes away from Ryan was kindof hilarious. He was like "oh god what have I created."
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    Holy shit! By far best episode of the season but is it, dare I say, best episode of the series? I really hate when shows have an episode ending moment like Cam getting out voted and keep going but damn everything after was so deserving.

    So I've been wondering why the hacker hasn't been mentioned since the first episode and could it be because they were laying that ground work so when Cam goes HAM and crashes Mutiny we would understand how? Could Gordon and Joes invention of the Internet be used to upgrade Mutiny? Will Tom and Cam start a new company or will she come back into the Mutiny fold somehow?
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    Has this been uploaded to the premium feed yet? I've refreshed a couple times, but I haven't seen it download yet.

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    Was wondering the same myself so no pod yet I guess.
  • I haven't checked the premium feed but the regular one is up. I don't think there are any ads in it anyway
  • There might be delays since they are in the process of moving. I think we saw similar things when they were out in vacation. Just have to be patient ;)
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    hope your right @KingKobra and the feed isn't messed up on my end, I don't know if I should drop a thread in the VIP section or give it another day or so
  • I'm not sure why but this has happened a couple times this season with this feed. Hmmmm...
  • So will Cameron tell Gordon a/b Donna's abortion out of spite??
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    Could @Jim or @Wahl-e look into pushing the pod through the premium feed please?
  • I'll look into it. Jim is the guru on these matters. 
  • I just need to educate Eric a little more on our system so he can do it.  Probably shouldn't have waited until the final 3 episodes to do that!
  • It's finally up and available. Thanks for taking care of this!
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    Still hasn't hit my feed but hopefully my player just hasn't pinged a refresh
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    Still hasn't hit my feed guess I'll try the regular feed
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