604 - "Chapter 4"

Director: Marita Grabiak
Writer: John J. Gray


  • Ok, one more week of this current storyline I guess. I didn't even recognize Lady Gaga in tonight's episode. The common thread of the "interview" still irks me. It's gold they got the missing daughter back, but of course her mother is gone. If they dispatch with the butcher next week, I may be kind of disappointed.
  • MichelleMichelle California
    edited October 2016
    Ok, this has officially become the most horrific AHS season on record. Murphy & Co. have officially brought this show into straight horror, fear, and terror. That disembowelment scene of Cricket was just so gruesome, almost unwatchably so. And to know that in 2 episodes it will supposedly get sooooo much worse leaves me dreading, in a good way, what is coming up that could possibly be worse than what we saw tonight. *shivers and hides*

    So, we finally got the Chapter 4 connection to season 4 - Edward Phillip Mott was the architect/builder of the house. This would have been one of Dandy Mott's ancestors, probably a 5x great grandfather. This also leads us to believe that the Mott family were most likely terrorized by the colonists in that time period, but Edward's son must have escaped because the family line continued. And so because Dandy had murderous intentions and was crazy, is that something that was in his genes?

    The backstory of the colonists disappearance was pretty good. Still wondering what the hillbilly Polk family has to do with them. Btw, since Kathy Bates killed them cult leader style, maybe BM's next employee should be The Butcher. Also, holy sh*t at the nurses' murders! Omg. Creepy to think that that's how things went back then...stretching was a form of torture, so it's not a big 'stretch' (ba dum bum) that one of the nurses was killed that way. Ugh.

    Matt and Gaga... You know, he recounted the memory of that night to the guy behind the camera pretty darn well. Yet he screamed and cried when he told Shelby he had absolutely no idea what she was talking about. Something's not right there. I think I'm calling bullshit on you, Matt!

    So glad Flora is back. Time to bring Lee back now.

    RIP Beverly Leslie and Liz Taylor. :(

  • amyja89amyja89 Oxford, England
    Yep, it's me again, your resident accent critic. NO WAY was Lady Gaga's character supposed to be British. I literally thought she was doing a straight up Russian accent until her backstory of being an English girl was revealed. Makes Kathy Bates' effort sound like Meryl Streep at her finest!

    My ears pricked up when I heard the name Edward Phillipe Mott with regards to the building of the house, obviously our first hint at the Dandy's family history. I hope it gets developed beyond just that easter egg, simply because I'm so over the whole Roanoke thing at this point that it would be interesting to learn more about the Mott family, they were so shrouded in mystery during Freak Show. I can't really remember any fine details but we never really learned anything about Dandy's father other than he was cousins with Dandy's mother and that he was a child molester, right?

    I'm really hoping for a twist of epic proportions, because Murphy and co. promise big things every year but when I really think about it, the only time I have ever been truly surprised by the show on a plot level was the twist for Taissa Farmiga's character all the way back in season one Murder House!
  • xulsolar22xulsolar22 Houston, TX
    I saw Evan Peters' name in the credits but didn't see him in the show, unless I missed it? Or... could he be Piggy Man???

    I was also anticipating a little more than just a name drop of a member of the Mott Family. Maybe we'll find out more in future episodes, or it will be another example of things that don't live up to Murphy's own hype.
  • MichelleMichelle California
    In Murphy's defense, I will say that they only ever indicated that there would be ties to previous seasons - not big events or storylines that connect to previous seasons.  The hype he and his team are creating is in relation to episode 6 being the game changer that turns the whole season sideways.

    On that subject, one thought I had about that is that with these ties to previous seasons (with next week's being a tie to "Hotel" somehow), could episode 6 show us the much-theorized terrorizing of those who actually work on the "My Roanoke Nightmare" show (production, crew, cast, etc), wherein the colonists are now coming after them, bringing the terror arc of this reenactment show to real life to once again go after Matt, Shelby, et.al.?

    Or just maybe, could it be that a few of the various ghosts/villains/demons of previous seasons go after these real life people (the addiction demon going after Lee, Dandy going after Matt and Shelby because of his ancestor and the house, etc)?   That might be a stretch but could be kind of cool.
  • xulsolar22xulsolar22 Houston, TX
    Murphy did tell EW that we'll learn about the Mott Family origins this season. I must admit that I read an article that incorrectly assumed the origins story would happen in Chapter 4.
  • MichelleMichelle California
    We did learn about their origins in Chapter 4.  We learned that Edward Phillipe Mott designed and constructed the house over the land that was previously occupied by the lost Roanoke colony, and he was the first victim.  Because the house dates back to the late 1780's/early 1790's, my assumption is that Edward was the first Mott on American soil.
  • This show is terrible.
  • Hollyoak said:

    This show is terrible.

    Hmmm not sure if this is troll or not :p without details it's always hard to tell ;) It does seem to be spinning the wheels, I think they shot themselves in the foot when they talked about the breakdown of the episodes. Hopefully 6-9 and 10 are better.

  • ElisaElisa Los Angeles
    Yes, I am losing my interest, but hoping they turn a corner with the infamous 6.
  • MichelleMichelle California
    edited October 2016
    In the preview for ep 5 we see more freaky shit, including a demon toddler climbing a wall/door jam area. He's got black stringy hair like John Clare in Penny Dreadful. I believe it's Bartholomew! And there's our season 5 connection.

    Side note, what if Piggy Man, who is the man who had been scalped, who Shelby saw in the woods, is Edward Phillippe Mott? Denis O'Hare told Matt and Shelby that he was the first victim. This ties him with Dandy, not only in the fact that they are family, but also in the murderous tendencies they both share.
  • TaraC73TaraC73 Manchester NH
    I watched last night all the way through finally and am so thrown off... the story was all over the place. I liked the colonists backstory though. I never thought lady Gaga could look ugly but DAMN!! I also call bullshit on Matt "not remembering" fucking Gaga. Poor cricket :( just way too much going on it seems. However I never watched any AHS until Hotel last year so maybe because I am or familiar with the storylines tying together it's lost on me.

    I'll stick with it though. It's interesting enough and not as fucking awful as Kathy Bates' attempts at various accents :p
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