What's the problem with sucker punch ??

I always hear about people say how bad sucker punch is, I remember seeing this and fucking just simply loved it.


  • aberry89aberry89 California
    Everytime I walk into a Snyder joint i expect nothing more than a kinda cool looking music video type thing. If high contrast, slow motion and little color is your thing. Personally that aesthetic doesn't do much for me, but it can visually work for others.  If that's all you're expecting and wanting, it's fine. It's great. Except - Writing sucks. Acting sucks. Action sucks. Everything sucker punches you in the tits with how much it sucks.

    That's the problem. 
  • chriskchrisk Indianapolis
    Snyder reverts to the same bag of tricks. I feel like his notes for every fight scene read - "the Hero leaps in slow motion across a desaturated CGI background, battling ridiculously large opponent(s)"

    These are from 300, Sucker Punch, and BvS. All very similar.

    That's my gripe anyway.
  • MurderbearMurderbear Cold Spring, Ky
    All style and no substance. The man can make a hell of a trailer, I'll give him that.
  • If you're into hot chicks kicking ass with a unique visual style then it's a fun ride. If you're into a well written meaningful and thought provoking flick then you'll be dissapointed. It's basically 300 with hot chicks and guns instead of ripped dudes and swords.
  • I saw it in theatres and thought it was fine. It sure looked good. I've never had the urge to rewatch though.
  • brr8760brr8760 Milwaukee
    I loved Sucker Punch. It's not all hot chicks and guns, it's so much more. For one thing, it's about as dark a story as you're ever likely to see. Do you realize what's happening to those chicks in the real world? Plus Scott Glenn is awesome, the music, the moments. Can't wait to see it again.
  • A_Ron_HubbardA_Ron_Hubbard Cincinnati, OH
    Eh, I can see the charms, they're just not for me.  It has a bunch of people I like in it, and it looks like a million bucks, but I find it fundamentally silly and fairly empty.  It might boil down to what @chrisk posted, I loved 300, thought Watchmen was phenomenal.  Synder has a real knack for visual storytelling, but it is kind of rote and one note, and I certainly don't think he should ever be in charge of the story itself.

    But that's just like, my opinion, man.  
  • Suckerpunch is by far my favorite guilty pleasure movie, and I've seen it enough times I could write a dissertation on it. That said, it's a guilty pleasure because there are aspects of the movie that are just flat out bad. 

    The first sin is that it was rated PG-13. The decision to market to teenage boys was a necessity to make the film commercially viable, but it completely handicapped the films ability to carry the emotional weight it needed to. In particular, there is a almost sex scene in the extended version of the film between Emily Browning and Jon Hamm where Babydoll is seduced by the Highroller to release herself from the pain of this world (and freely accept the lobotomy). "Did you see that? The way she looked at me right at the end. It's almost as if she wanted me to do it." Without this scene, the ending is thrown completely out of context. There are also several other points throughout the film that would have benefited from the emotional maturity that comes with an R rating.

    Another sin was the decision to include the brothel plot line. The film would have been much more haunting and impactful if this sub-reality was never included. While the brothel is stylistically intriguing, it feels much like an afterthought to the story that was actually trying to be told. The first line in the brothel sub-reality is given from Sweet Pea. "... even a deranged mental patient. I get it, that could be hot, but lobotomized vegetable!? Give me something to work with here, something more... commercial." This is exactly the kind of line you could imagine coming from a Studio Exec after being pitched an idea about an emotionally distraught girl in a mental institution that retreats to a fantasy world to escape her problems, both literally and figuratively. I prefer to believe that the brothel was not part of the original concept and would love to see the version of the film that takes place in the mental institution, not the brothel.

    Perhaps the most egregious mistake of all was the complete waste of Scott Glenn's character. Scott Glenn is awesome, he was born to play these types of roles. For fuck's sake, give him some good lines! Or at the very least remove all the corn. "And remember, never write a check with your mouth that your ass can't cash." I still face palm every time I hear this line. Even if the cast him as more of a "Stick" from Daredevil type, the movie would have been drastically improved, because simply put, his character is the worst thing about this film.

    There's also the undeniable Zach Snyder style attached to the film, which some people can't stand. Personally, I have no problem with the way he films action. I'm fine with stylistic, slow-mo music videos as long as they look cool, which I thought they did. I also loved the soundtrack to this movie. Beyond personal preference, there were other subtle things that give the film a little depth. I'm drawing some blanks off the top of my head but one example is how the Bunny face on the mech the girls used that brought them power and invulnerability was identical to the stuffed animal Babydoll's sister clutched tight to try to ward of the terrors of her abusive step-father. There are trappings of a better movie if you look hard enough.

    Or, you know, you can just get stoned and grab a bag of Doritos, whatever you prefer.
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