PlayStation VR is Fantastic

I just got Playstation VR yesterday and played a number of games yesterday and I have got to say it is a fantastic experience and lots of fun. I was worried there would be tracking issues but I experienced none. My friends and family that played it were blown away by how immersive it is. VR is truly the future of gaming, and will also have many more applications besides gaming. 

If you have the money to spare I would definitely recommend it. 


  • Garthgou81Garthgou81 Placerville, CA
    Dances with Wookies, always coming in and stealing my thunder. 
  • MurderbearMurderbear Cold Spring, Ky
    That's so good to hear! I've yet to play any of the new VR systems. Not even one with a phone in a cardboard box strapped to your head. I'm hoping someone I know will get one soon! Ha
  • I'll get mine maybe in a years time
  • Using the move controllers really takes it to the next level. I played the London Heist and actually thought I could lean my arm on a table that wasn't actually there. Pretty trippy how it tricks your brain.

    By far the nicest looking game is Eve Valkyrie. Graphics are amazing and you actually feel like your in space battling other people. 

    Worst game so far is VR Luge. Pretty lame, graphics are muddy and thin gameplay and replayability.
  • Do you need a lot of space to move around? I'm afraid my coffee table prevents PSVR from being feasible. 
  • edited October 2016
    @ghm3 nah not really. None required for cockpit type games but for some games the require the movie controller I would say 1-2 feet in either direction to lean back or right and left etc. 
  • Any issues with motion sickness after playing for extended periods?
  • @darwinfeeshy for me personally no with one exception. Played Batman VR yesterday and had a bunch of tracking issues and then when I was done felt a little motion sick.Have no idea why the tracking was bad as it was excellent for London Heist. Maybe the tracking varies by game? Its the only game so far were the tracking has been poor. 
  • @DancesWithWookies The tracking on the PSVR is the worst thing about it, it's the biggest thing that's been keeping me from getting it. While the Vive and others use much better IR and lasers/etc for tracking Sony dug through their old parts bin and recycled the same 6 yr old camera tracking system they used in the PS Move. I would guess that this was mostly for cost, as well as probably to cut down on the development time. 
  • Garthgou81Garthgou81 Placerville, CA
    Okay, as promised, here are my thoughts....

    I finally got everything unboxed and setup today. It was fairly easy. No headaches at all. However, there are a lot of wires. Like..a lot. You essentially route your HDMI from the PS4 to the VR processor and then another HDMI goes to the TV. You have the camera that goes to the PS4...another wire. The power cord for the processor...another wire. Then a wire going from the USB on the PS4 to the processor. Then heavy duty cords that go from the processor to the headset. In addition you need corded headphones (some come included) but again...wiring. I guess that is really my biggest complaint so far. I knew this going in, but actually seeing it all...its sort of an eye-sore.

    The actual headset is very sturdy and classy looking. It is comfortable, but I am still having a bit of trouble with sizing it correctly for my melon. There are a million options for doing this, so it is just a learning curve. 

    As for my actual gaming experience, I kinda bounced around with a little bit of everything. I purchased Thumper and that is a hell of an intense game. "Rhythm violence" is a good word for it. Harmonix Music VR was an absolute blast. Such a gorgeous, fun experience. I am definitely going to be buying that. Rez: I've heard lots of good buzz about this one, but it didn't do much for me and it was one of the two games that made nauseated while playing. The other was Drive Club which I kind of guessed would happen. I gave up on that one before even completing a single lap. Until Dawn Rush of Blood. I only checked out the demo...SUPER disturbing, like you'd imagine. I doubt its something I'd want to repeatedly play through again and again. But I want to give the full thing a whirl at some point. London Heist was where I really started to perk up...I'd done the demo of this and it was what initially sold me on the whole VR thing. But now playing the full thing...the character renderings are absolutely amazing. The gunfighting is a tad frustrating...but guys, never in a game have I actually felt intimidated by another character. And thats the amazing thing about VR. It is so immersive that your brain is struggling with not feeling frightened as another character bullies you around and gets in your face.

    I also checked out a couple "experiences". On Hulu, there is a VR section where you can ride rollercoasters or fly in wingsuits, etc. Then there is also an App which kind of does the same thing. For example I did one called the Torture Room and you are essentially in a room and seeing wacked out stuff happen around you. But because you can only see so much and have to turn your head, you are constantly in fear for what is just out of your realm of sight. In addition I watched some of an episode of Black Mirror just to see how it fairs. Its a really cool experience. Granted you have a helmet on your head, but the upside is your brain gets fooled into thinking it is watching something on the size of an IMAX screen. Its fantastic. I would love to toss in a Game of Thrones blu-ray and give that a whirl.

    So....Pros: Excellent headset that is comfortable, tons upon tons of games and things to look at. This isn't one of those things where you have a launch and there are only 3-4 games to play. There is a ton of stuff already out there. Granted not all of them are worth it I am sure, but at least there are options. Just gorgeous visuals. Some are hit or miss, but the amount of immersiveness makes up for that. Easy set-up, I was done with unboxing and setting the whole thing up within 40 minutes.

    Cons: I have a Sony Gold Wireless Headphones which I assumed I'd be able to use. and apparently I can, but  I have to wire it into the headset. Which leads into what I complained about so much earlier...all the wiring. I also am not a fan of how the wiring on the headset comes down. I always felt like I was sitting or laying back on the wire. 

    The takeaway...this isn't going to be for everyone. And its hard to recommend it when we aren't sure what the landscape for VR is going to be like in 6 years. But Sony has made a really valiant effort here. I know there have been issues with the tracking for some folks, but I didn't have issues with it today. If you are at all curious, go check out a demo at GameStop or Best Buy. Thats probably the only way to know if this is going to be for you or not. 
  • There are a shitload of wires. To me most of the games feel like tech demos. The kitchen demo was good but with tracking issues. There is a part where you get stabbed in the leg. When my wife tried it I stabbed her in the leg with a butter knife and she freaked. So far everyone has liked the Rez demo and I'm gonna get that. I got Gunship or something like that. It's the same consept of Rez. Aiming uses head movement and the controller fires that is very intuitive. TumblerVR is also a cool logic puzzle game, but again the tracking/calibration keeps messing up. I bought Carnival VR for my daughter but haven't tried it yet. One of the coolest non games is Allumette. Is that you can actually move around in the environment, look inside buildings, crates etc. overall I'm happy with it but if you don't have the extra cash I wouldn't get it yet.
  • Garthgou81Garthgou81 Placerville, CA
    The wires are really problematic for me, I can't find a comfortable way of dealing with them. 
  • Yup I've tried putting them over my shoulder and down my back but nothing is very comfortable.
  • So six months later what are your thoughts? I'm really thinking about buying a launch edition kit while they're still available. Are you all using it regularly still or is it collecting dust? How wide is the game support? I resisted it at launch because I didn't want to buy something with crap game support and the novelty wearing off a few months later.

    The Farpoint controller bundle looks pretty cool as long as other games support the controller, I hope it's actually available to buy at release:

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