Show-specific ad free feeds gone?


In my podcast app, I subscribe to the ad-free feeds of specific shows (Westworld, Walking Dead, etc.)

I noticed that my app hadn't been updating with new episodes lately so I came to the site to see if new episodes had been posted here.  I noticed that the shows have indeed been updating but the show-specific ad free feeds seem to be gone.  I noticed there's a master ad-free feed that has all content in it but are the show-specific ad free feeds gone for good?  They don't show up in the menu on the website anymore.



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    Mine seem to be working fine. I just downloaded the watching westworld pod today. I'm using the Apple Podcasat app though. What program are you using?
  • I use PocketCasts.

    I actually found the ad-free URLs (I'd forgotten they were under "My Account" when you log into Bald Move).  The weird thing, though, is that PocketCasts isn't showing the new episodes for any Bald Move shows.  For instance, Watching Westworld shows that the newest episode was 101.  However, if I look up the non ad-free feed for the show, PocketCasts shows the latest episodes.  Very weird...
  • I'm wondering if there was a change on the Bald Move backend that has to do with authentication of the ad free feeds?  PocketCasts never asked for my Bald Move credentials when I subscribed to ad free feeds and now, I just unsubscribed and tried to re-add the Westworld ad-free feed and PocketCasts isn't subscribing to it.
  • I have the same issue with Pocket Cast and created a thread last week about it. I just switched to Downcast and they seem to be working fine on it. Pretty sure it's on the Pocket Cast side but they are aware of the issue. I think A.Ron created a ticket with them so I guess it's just a waiting game at this point but Downcast is pretty nice in the meantime
  • PocketCasts has backend feed issues with the authenticated podcasts from time to time. It seems some change they made a week or so ago broke the authenticated feeds, you should be able to fix it by unsubscribing from the feed and re-subscribing. I did this yesterday and they're working again for now. I couldn't re-add the Bald Movies feed though, it kept timing out, I'll try again in a day or two and it'll probably eventually mysteriously work, it's finnicky.
  • Thanks guys.

    Quick follow up question for you.  When you subscribe to an ad-free feed in PocketCasts, did it ever ask you to authenticate with your Bald Move credentials?  In the past, I just put the URL in and PocketCasts immediately subscribed without me needing to do anything else.

    Now when I try to subscribe to one of these feeds, PocketCasts hangs on the "subscribing..." step but I'm never prompted to enter any name/PW.
  • i put the credentials in the feed url (ie, or whatever) per the bm app-specific documentation i think near where the feeds themselves are listed), but i didn't always have to do that even for the ad-free feeds previously.  my old feeds are still there with whatever they had before but haven't updated recently (the last thing in the firehose one is from 10/7, the last in the movies one from 10/5, etc.  i guess i should remove them all (except westwood ad-free which is working) and try to re-add with the embedded credentials.  it sounds like something else has changed though and that might not work either.  fortunately the one i care about most right now is ww and that one's working for me.
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    Yup, we're just waiting for Shift Jelly / Pocketcast to look into the issue with their feeds and fix it.  Unfortunately, the last time this happened, back in July, it took them about 21 days to get the fix going.  I might make a sticky thread about this.
  • Thanks everyone.  I guess I'll wait for PocketCasts to resolve it.  Unfortunately, putting my credentials in the URL didn't work either :(
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    @supermeng Double check that the feed URL is exactly accurate, down to the / at the end. Also about 5-6 of their premium feed URLs do not have https:// for some reason, that may matter as well. It's easy to mess it up by a character if you're typing all of that into your phone with the username:password. Also I do NOT put the www.baldmove in the feed as @voodoorat shows, I don't believe that's correct. I think the accurate URL would be:

  • @ghm3 that's correct, i copied the feed list instead of typing them (and just edited to add my credentials and change the https:// to http://, so this is what it actually looked like when i added it (bald movies actual feed):

    not sure if the www. matters or not since it resolves to the same place but better to leave it off regardless.
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