What happened to the forum for [INSERT YOUR FAVORITE SHOW]?!

A_Ron_HubbardA_Ron_Hubbard Cincinnati, OH
edited November 2014 in Other TV
Hey there, just wanted to hip everyone to a system where Jim and I keep the forums a little bit tidier for us to manage and people to navigate. When a show we've covered is off the air, it gets moved to the "OFF AIR" category, which is typically displayed way at the bottom of the list of topics/forums.

If the show is returning for a new season, typically, we'll promote it back to "CURRENT SHOWS" about two weeks before it's new air date. When the show goes back on hiatus, we move it back to the "OFF AIR" category about two to three weeks after it's last air date. Nothing will ever be lost, it's just a bit of a shell game. If we didn't do this, god only knows how crowded the show categories would get.


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