Walking Dead - 701: "The Day Will Come When You Won't Be"



  • Real_Neo said:

    Just lost two good characters and i feel like the long wait stripped me of my ability to care.

    Hit the nail right on the head. Or skull...
  • I honestly thought it was a great episode independent of the cliffhanger bullshit. I think they should have killed Abraham in the season finale and had Glenn's death come out of nowhere, but I can see how that might be viewed as repetitive in back to back episodes, as Abrahams death would have been shocking to people who don't read the comics.

    Speaking of the comics, that scene with Carl's arm was agonizing for me as a reader. Not sure how spoilery an explanation would be but I know other readers had to feel the same.
  • Damn!  That was one intense episode.  I stayed away from the trailers and spoilers the past 8 months, but I had a gut feeling it was going to be Abraham get the bat.  But the Glenn thing....  didn't see it coming given the BS fake death the middle of last season.  While it wasn't the height of storytelling, it was still intense from start to end.  

    Is it just me or did Maggie seem more upset in her reaction to Beth's death compared to Glenn's?  And why does she want to go to war slaughter instead of mourning Glenn's lost?
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    ChuckP said:

    Damn!  That was one intense episode.  I stayed away from the trailers and spoilers the past 8 months, but I had a gut feeling it was going to be Abraham get the bat.  But the Glenn thing....  didn't see it coming given the BS fake death the middle of last season.  While it wasn't the height of storytelling, it was still intense from start to end.  

    Is it just me or did Maggie seem more upset in her reaction to Beth's death compared to Glenn's?  And why does she want to go to war slaughter instead of mourning Glenn's lost?

    regarding Maggie it seems like that whole trip Rick took with Neegan took hours so the immediate shock may have been processed into revenge by the return. Especially if you're threatened not to emote much and just have to stew in your mind.
  • The pacing of this episode leaves me very concerned about the pacing of this season, although I guess we shouldn't be surprised at this point. I just fear we'll have two consecutive episodes spanning 24 hours (the last two), keep the slow pace, and then have a disorienting fast forward at some point mid-season. 
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    I would like this episode more if I didn't feel deliberately toyed with for nearly half the episode.

    An intense episode but it felt really artificial but I can at least see some method to Neegan's madness.

    At this point I personally would be like "fuck this I'm heading to Colorado or somewhere else" and if I got caught I'd make damn sure to keep a handgun on me to not be taken alive.
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    JTKIII said:

    Anyone notice the opportunity Rick had to stick the axe in Neegan's head when he let him back into the RV? Neegan turned his back on Rick for a couple seconds and Rick didn't capitalize.

    That outcome seems to be everyone being held hostage dies a horrible death and Everyone in Alexandria will be put to the bat or worse. If hitting the boss gets someone's brains bashed in then attempted or even successful killing will be horrific retribution.
  • I was TV unspoiled and I thought it was great. Really intense.

    I thought there was a pretty good chance, given what they'd done already, that they might let Rick make that cut. Usually you don't get that suspense with a main character.

    I hated the finale but I really thought this was great. Also, that was the most gruesome TV death I'd ever seen. It felt very true to the comic and even more disturbing and I found the comic to be pretty disturbing.
  • Also, pretty sure they said they'd be traveling back from NerdCom today so the first Live Watch will be next week.
  • davemcbdavemcb Melbourne
    First of all sorry to be a carbon copy of other posts, but my god they stuffed this up. Just kill Abraham last season and start off with the Daryl kick out and the Glenn death. 

    I am also in the same boat as others, this could be really good but I have a feeling they cant handle the pacing of this season. Given the fact we will have 4 settlements by the end of next week I think this season is going to be very disjointed, in the past the show runners haven't done too well with the groups split apart and now we are adding more complexity. This doesn't bode well for the future

    This will sound like a broken record for this show but this could have been really really good but they just didn't execute. The story line is there, maybe the actors don't have the chops but I think the writers/show runners are the biggest problem holding the show back. 
  • That hit me harder then I thought. Maybe because as a wife, I could put myself in the place of Maggie; as a parent, God I felt Rick's dilemma! Still a little pissed at how they finished last season, but I really feel that this was the best way to come back,

    But mann, the hypocrisy of American television: One hour of intense violence and gore but quick! bleep out $h1t and the f-rd on Talking Dead because you might offend someone. SMH.
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  • I could've done without the cliffhanger, but I thought this was a good episode. The scene where Rick almost cut off Carl's hand was really good, and Andrew Lincoln's performance that scene (and the rest of the episode) was top notch.

    I noticed the guy snapping a Poleroid of one of the bodies. I guess he was stationed at the outpost that Rick's group hit last season, and he must've been out that day?
  • 5 seconds in and I'm already calling bullshit
  • gguenotgguenot CA
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    Anyone who thought that episode was a disappointment was watching a different show than I was.. haters gon hate
  • LukeLuke Central Illinois
    701 the episode that made my wife quit TWD.
  • WonderedObjectWonderedObject SAN Francisco, CA
    TWD usually puts out solid premieres and this episode was no different. This was an episode that tugged at my feelings. But doesn't excuse them for the shit they pulled. I had the feels, sure, but it was inevitable. All these years and I would've felt bad for glenn if he went out by sticking tumbleweed up his ass. 

    I'm with the comments made before. This season is going to be an absolute shit show when they separate. They cannot handle the group split up and this is just cutting them up even more. 

    It was gruesome though. I'll give them that. 
  • I'm done. 6 seasons + 2/3 of the first episode of season 7 and no more. Finito.
  • I didn't care for the cliffhanger last season, but seeing how it played out with two major characters being bashed, it felt like it was the right move. I know how I felt reading how they both died in the comics going from week to week, but I think from a show standpoint it worked better this way. It maximized the deaths and shock value of it. I was waiting for Rick to lose a hand all episode and then screaming like a baby when I thought Carl was going to lose it. This was a tough watch and I kind of wish TWD would end soon. It's such a downer.
    Thoughts on the last scene with the zombie that came out of the woods? Rick looked almost longingly at it, like damn I remember when you things were the threat.
  • The last 20 minutes of the show were what this episode should have been about. The breaking of Rick, group reaction, scene with Carl etc. That's what was the most interesting and caused the most tension in the episode. Making people wait even longer for the death reveal really took the punch out of it. Of course it was hard to see two great characters go, no matter what your current feeling are on either. But once again a very real emotion was strung out to the edge of annoyance and anger by the writers. The show already has enough tension and heartache built into the story. You don't need writers and directors sloppily adding any unnecessarily.
  • I quit last season and have just been reading recaps ever since.
  • If I just dismiss the cliffhanger ending horseshit, and the slow reveal of who actually received the bat, I think this is a very good episode. I typically background watch this show because paying too much attention gets me to think too much, but I was completely pulled in during the 2nd half. I'm still amazed at how well Jeffery Dean Morgan is at playing Negan. I'm absolutely invested in seeing them take Negan down. 
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    @Brian Maximizing shock value is what I'm talking about when I say it feels artificial. Like I can hear the click clacking of keyboards all throughout the episode. Let's create super intense high stakes situations just for the fucking sake of it. This whole Neegan plot from the comics seems like a hacky way of punching up the boring and redundant Alexandria stuff. How many episodes did we have to see of them being useless clowns and Rick's group being badass? Even GoT is getting pushback from trying to hit certain shocker or twist notes every season but at least they normally execute at a high level. If Andrew Lincoln and the other actors weren't being total pros and trying hard it would be unbearable.

    @flynn5313 I totally feel you on the wait. I felt so manipulated with it. It's one thing to string out a reveal but don't pull some "artsy" B&W montage crap with all the characters to utterly milk whatever hype is left dry. That garbage totally soured me.
  • Almost forgot how much hate this show gets around these parts....was it great? No, but it was a very good TWD episode and we had 2 major characters die in one episode. While they could have done it differently (split deaths across the two halves) TWD is TWD and has always been TWD. Taking a small poll from my FB friends who don't frequent forums and listen to podcasts this episode hit HARD and in a good way. While the Glen bit was spoiled somewhere for me (they discussed the "who" of the graphic novel) I wasn't surprised so much or ether death. While I can see it was impactful, it just wasn't emotional for me. With WW on (a show I do get sucked into) it makes treat TWD as a B tier type show.
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    I thought this season opener was one of, if not, the best in the show. It took us into a very desolate place of heartbreak, terror, sadness, devastation, anger, shock, and just that sick feeling in the pit of our stomach (at least for me, anyway). I wasn't super upset by the cliffhanger, and I thought this episode opened and unfolded the way it needed to in order to instill that sense of dread in us for what might be coming up this season.

    It will be interesting to see how this changes the people in our group, especially Rick/Sasha/Maggie/Daryl. I'm intrigued by the introspection that will be explored in upcoming episodes.

    Finally, Jeffrey Dean Morgan is an outstanding addition to this cast and show. What a terrifically talented actor. I'm really into him, despite the fact that Negan scares the shit out of me.
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    I don't find excessive, sadistic violence emotional or interesting. The episode was a slog to get through. The only effective part for me was the Carl and Rick sequence. I felt genuine tension and emotion. The rest just bored me when it wasn't making me uncomfortable to see that much graphic, extended violence on television, although I thought JDM did well with his endless dialogue, and I will miss Glenn.
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    Frakkin T out! Hope you guys enjoy the rest of the series.
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    @Michelle I will concede that I think Andrew Lincoln and Jeffery Dean Morgan sold how Rick could capitulate and did a great job and it's a credit to their acting to make it believable in spite of the manipulative direction and editing.

    @KingKobra This show is B tier with Peak TV. I've stuck with it out of a mix of habit, hate watching and just wanting to be in the pop culture zeitgeist conversation. I'm not going to make the same mistake of prioritizing TWD over WW again.

    @pavlovsbell I agree about the sadistic violence. It reminds me of people who thought the way a certain GoT character got eaten alive was awesome and yet some wanted even more. I got very little satisfaction from it considering the circumstances and also would've been more satisfied with a proper trial and execution.
  • LukeLuke Central Illinois
    The black and white crap was off putting. The montage of everyone getting hit with the bat was the jump the shark moment for me.

    This show is agressivly bad. It's like watching a puppet show where someone has taken the facade off and you can see the puppeteer and the strings.

    They are trying so damn hard to push the envelope while at the same time keep continuity with the comics.

    I almost wish they had remixed this, since they ruined the scene with the bullshit cliffhanger anyway.

    All the teasing for the first half was just salt in the wound.
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    @TheEconomist  Funny you should bring up that GoT scene. I was just saying the same thing to a friend earlier this evening. If I were to give the writers the benefit of the doubt, I would suggest that the resolution of that character was deliberately constructed to convey how wrong it was, given how counter it is both thematically and narratively to how the source material views revenge, but that might be wishful thinking on my part. Nevertheless, it was still miles better than this endless, "See how awful everything is! Do you get it now?" because at least GoT allows for a more thoughtful reading. Here, with TWD, I felt like I was being pummeled on the head with a nihilism bat. 
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    I wonder if my knowledge of the comic books and listening to podcasts etc spoils this somewhat for me and whether this is a show that may work better if you're a head in the sand viewer. I feel as though I would have enjoyed this a lot more if I didn't have that constant nagging feeling that I'm being trolled by the writers, director and producers particularly with the "bwahahaha we're going on a little road trip and we're not going to tell you who died". JDM was very good even without the potty mouth. R.I.P Glenn and Abraham. And yes the Glenn scene was particularly brutal.
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