iPhone 6 Plus or Samsung galaxy 5 or 6 ?

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I currently have an iPhone 5s and I wondering if after 4 years (2 other years on the 4) of its time to try a Samsung. One thing I would like a lot more is the SD card slot. It would still have all the basic apps such as YouTube twitter Fb ect. One other thing I'm thinking about is podcasts


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    I've loved my Galaxy S5. I never upgraded to the S6 because they decided not to put the sd slot in it for some reason (if I remember correctly), and that's a must have for me. I'll get the S7 eventually when the wheels fall finally off my 5 (assuming they get the whole blowing up thing under control).
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    I'm an Apple guy. Mainly for 2 reasons. My digital library is iTunes media so at this point I'm pretty much all in and I love IOS and hate android. I have a 6+ and love it. My contract is up so I can upgrade to 7 but I think I'm just gonna stay on 6+ until the 8 comes out.
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  • I have a 6 and it's great, so I'd recommend that. Not sure about the plus, but if you're cool with the size, then it should be fine.

    I don't know if I'm gonna keep moving forward with any Apple products, though. I can see their ecosystem constricting more and more each generation, and I think I'll try and get out while I can. Also, the lack of headphone jack on the iPhone 7 and only having 4 USB C ports on the new MacBook Pro (with a gimmicky slidebar), I think I'm off the Apple train. I'll just go schlep it with all the malware and hassle that all the other PC users deal with.
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    Apple for life!
  • From what I gather Anrdoid OS isn't very well optimized for their hardware without rooting the phone and fiddling with it yourself.  I've thought about gett ing off the Apple train, but the 6s was faster by a lot than the Galaxy Note 7 in real world application tests, so I don't see the point of starting all over again.  I've been sticking with my 6 plus. 
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  • I've never owned an android phone.  I've been with iphone since the 3g, upgrading every 2-3 models.  I should be getting my 7+ in a few weeks!  Most of my friends have Android (Samsung, primarily the Note or the S series) and they love them.  I disagree with the idea that Apple is becoming more and more restrictive each generation.  If anything, they seem to innovate something new that is restricted, and open up something less new to 3rd party developers each generation.  I am not particularly tied to the ecosystem, having exclusively purchased DRM-free and physical media, and I've got less than $50 all told on paid apps over the course of 8 years. (Most of which I no longer use.) 

    My rec would be to stick with iphone because:

    A.  It's what you know and are familiar with.
    B.  Upgrading is as simple as restoring from backup.
    C.  IOS is a more secure platform from an exploit standpoint.*
    D.  You know Apple isn't going to provide a way for a state-level entity to open your device without your permission unless they are court-mandated to do so, and even then they would have to engineer a means to do it.
    E.  IOS devices are typically supported for 6 or more years after they are released.  When a new version of IOS comes out, you can put it on your device.  With Android, the OS update is released, then your phone manufacturer has to choose to support it, and implement/release it.  This often takes weeks to months with Samsung floating around 30-45 days.  Devices have around a 2 year support window.

    That being said, if you are going to get an Android, go for the Nexus or the Pixel series, as those are both supported by Google, and their OS updates (including security patches) are available as soon as the android platform is updated. 

    I personally chose the upgrade program this time around with Apple Care. 

    * While IOS has roughly 3 times the number of security vulnerabilities discovered, they are patched and widely adopted much quicker.  Major security flaws are regularly patched and distributed within days of public discovery. 
    *As of January 2016, 56% of Android devices are estimated to be on KitKat or older, with the remaining 44% being on Lolipop and a negligible amount on Marshmallow (current version).  Compare that to IOS where 71% were on 9.2 (current version) another 12% on 9.1, with 14% on IOS 8, and the remaining 3% on IOS 7.

    tl;dr Stick with what you know unless you just really don't like it.  If you're gonna change get the Pixel.
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    I just got my iPhone 7 Plus and really like the extra size replacing my iPhone 6. The new no headphone jack is a bit annoying bc I liked charging my phone and listening to podcasts on headphones simultaneously but now can't until I figure out an adapter. But the extra speaker it allows does sound nice.
  • we're fully vested in apple (tho no macs or anything, just a bunch of ios devices).  i've dabbled in android and it's fine, just don't have a compelling reason to switch and have already bought everything i use for ios.
  • I recently went from iphone to samsung and will probably never go back. The Galaxy is amazing and something as simple as a back button will have you looking at your old iphone and wondering how you ever coped with such archaic design.

    The problem I now face is that I own an iphone, ipod, an ipad and an android phone. It is really painful moving between the 2 eco-systems and not being able to share your purchases, If you already own a bunch of apps on ios I would say just stay with Apple, if you don't feel tied to Apple I would try out something new. I really love my Apple devices, as well as my android phone, but unless you are willing to pay for 2 sets of apps, ignorance is bliss.
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    This popped into my newsfeed just now LOL!!

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    I have been running a 3 year old HTC One M8, and just ordered a Google Pixel.  Honestly, the M8 would still be a great phone except it's locked so I can't flash a custom ROM and it's stuck with Verizon's bloatware crap.  The pixel is completely unlocked, so I wouldn't be surprised to get 3-4 years out of it.  My last android ran well up until it's battery started to not get a full day's charge.  I hate being forced to accept upgrades that I know are going to handicap my phone, but with Verizon they give you no choice.

    So, yeah, I'd look into a Nexus too if you're looking more note quite this gen, as they have a solid rep and are pretty much running plain jane Android software.
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    @A_Ron_Hubbard we're phone buddies! I also have the One m8 but with Windows. Call me crazy and I know there are no apps for it, but I love windows as a phone OS.
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