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  • Almost 20k after what like a week?!?! So much love for the guys and I'm so happy I may finally commission the Care Bears movie!
  • anubus21 said:

    Almost 20k after what like a week?!?! So much love for the guys and I'm so happy I may finally commission the Care Bears movie!

    I'm not joking. Seriously. Please do.

    I want to hear them talk about stabbing the book with the key and the forest of friendship roar.

    I made my parents watch that movie a thousand times. My dad hated the lollipop repair job.

    Do it. If I had unlimited wealth, I would do this one right after The Gremlins.
  • StoodawgStoodawg Kalamazoo, MI
    I'm sure you probably don't really know the answer but I wonder why Amazon dropped your affiliate status in the first place? If you're getting a lot of money that just means that you're providing a whole lot of traffic to their site. Do they just figure they'll still get that traffic anyway without having to give up a slice of the cheese? Bastards! I will definitely be continuing with my club subscription. The idea of Bald Move going out of business is absolutely horrible. I started listening around the 2nd or 3rd episode of Breaking good during BB's 4th season. I originally started watching Game of Thrones just so I could listen to The Night's Watch podcast. I've been with Watching Dead since the first episode and I joined the club mostly so I wouldn't miss out on Bald Movies. Bald Move is a part of my daily existence and I don't know what I'd listen to if it was gone. I'll also be making a donation, it won't be a whole horrible lot as I don't have too much to spare but I hope it helps.
  • StoodawgStoodawg Kalamazoo, MI
    BTW, I was planning on sticking with the monthly option but if you offered a quarterly one I'd take that!
  • Just increased my subscription. No brainer for me and I can afford it. Good luck!
  • I have upped my subscription. Please keep swearing. Good luck.
  • Donated. =)
    Had a browse through some of the comments, but couldn't find this covered:
    what is the best way to change an existing annual membership charge via Paypal when based in the UK? (Paying by card is not an option, membership due to be renewed in June 2017, no options to change the amount that I could see)
    If I cancel and re-subscribe for the higher amount--will Paypal let it go through? Will it only charge the new amount from June 2017?

  • Good to see you guys have almost reached your goal! Wow, that is some good news.

  • Hollyoak said:

    Good to see you guys have almost reached your goal! Wow, that is some good news.

    yeah.  people are more free with their money when the world's about to end, so i guess that's a silver lining of yesterday.

    half kidding.
  • @A_Ron_Hubbard  and @Jim I've been disconnected for a few weeks and just saw this.  Started being a club member toward the beginning of GoT season 6.  I'll continue to be a Club Member for as long as you guys have it.  I also just sent some support on the donation link.  You guys do a quality show which I enjoy quite a bit.  I really enjoy Bald Move's GoT, Walking Dead, Westworld, and various movie casts for films, and it represents the only entertainment review type of podcasts I bother listening to.  I typically prefer Comedian run and political satire casts in the vein of Joe Rogan, Cognitive Dissonance, and The Scathing Atheist.  I don't "geek out" over most shows and content but when I get a Bald Move cast downloaded it will almost always get listening priority.  

    Keep up the good work guys.  Don't let the Bastards grind you down.
  • WarpFoxWarpFox Nashville, TN
    I'm a club member and I'm already subscribed at $5/month. I was looking through my monthly expenditures to see how I could come up with some extra dough for Bald Move, and came up with two subscription services I could probably do without.

    Google Play Music service: $9.99/month ($10.94 after tax)
    WoW Subscription: $14.99/month

    The music subscription is nice, but I haven't been listening to as much music lately because of a position transition at my job. However, I ultimately decided to keep the service because of my playlists, and the convenience of being able to immediately listen to any new music that I'm recommended. So now I'm looking at my WoW subscription.

    I came back to World of Warcraft for the new expansion, but I'm already falling into old patterns of the daily grind and not really feeling satisfied after the hours I spend playing. If I'm considering my WoW subscription in an Entertainment Value Per Hour metric, it costs $15 a month for about 4-5 hours of play a week. I actually get more than that number of entertainment hours from Bald Move each week. Right now, Watching Dead, Watching Westworld, and LWJ&A is about 5.5 hours. Then you add in Bald Movies and the occasional On The Rocks, and it's closer to 7.5 to 8 hours of content, each week. If I were watching American Horror Story or Halt and Catch Fire, it would be even more. If WoW was costing me $15 a month for 4-5 hours of entertainment a week, then I felt like it was a no-brainer to go ahead and cancel my WoW subscription (which was inevitable anyway) and transition that $15 a month over to Bald Move.

    Now I'm paying the same amount of money each month towards subscription entertainment services, but I'm getting way more bang for my buck by cancelling one of them and putting that money towards my Bald Move club membership and upping my subscription to $20/month.

    If we break this down into the Entertainment Value per Hour quotient, then I pay less than $1/hour for Bald Move entertainment. You can't even go mini-golfing for that cheap.

    I'm posting this in hopes that most people, like myself, want to find ways to help increase their support for Jim & A.Ron, but may also be on a budget. Hopefully, some of us can look at our expenditures and see if there's any excess fat we've been meaning to trim, and give those greasy fat-trimmings to Bald Move to sustain them through the harsh Georgia winter.
  • chrilewchrilew Austin, TX
    Glad to see it's filling up quickly after people finally had time to listen to the WW pod this morning. Upgraded subscription and left a small donation immediately. I always thought that $12/yr. was too cheap anyway. Looks like I'm not alone. So many people are realizing how fulfilling it is to pay creators directly for content that we know and love. Sometimes all you have to do is keep asking. :)
  • A_Ron_HubbardA_Ron_Hubbard Cincinnati, OH

    @A_Ron_Hubbard & @Jim  to some degree has this whole struggle reenergized and excited you? As terrifying as it has and will continue to be, I can also imagine the struggle really putting a fire under your asses. Since now you are forced to make-it-or-break-it? Maybe I am just projecting. 
    I for one rarely feel burnt out or beat down, I walk into work with a spring in my step.  But, this outpouring of support has been a profoundly emotional experience for me.  More on that in the video that releases later today.
  • Hey A.Ron, can you put some more share commissions in the shop?  I wouldn't mind throwing a couple shares in the pot, but there isn't much choice at this point.

    I was watching your status bar move all night, thanks for something super positive to keep us all going :D  I'm sorry that you guys are going through this, but it is nice to have something to watch move in a positive direction.

    Good Luck!

  •   More on that in the video that releases later today.
    Do you have an approximate time to release the video?  I'll keep an eye out for it.
  • LL upstate NY
    I've been one of your silent but dedicated listeners for several years. During that time I've used your Amazon affilate link for every one of my Amazon purchases, and believe me, there have been many! After hearing about your plight, I instantly chose to sign up for a year of your club - because I don't want to live in a world where there's no Bald Move! I can easily forgo $48 worth of Amazon crap this year to help you guys out more directly. Good luck Jim and A_Ron!!
  • Wow, only less than a 1000 still needed. Better act fast if you want to be the one that puts them over the top. 
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    Jesus, now less than 500. This might get done by the end of the hour. 

    Edit: Ok, maybe not the end of the hour, but definitely within the next hour. 
  • Been refreshing the progress bar status page all day! GO GO GO!
  • Ever thought of renting out time slots in your new studio when your not using it? I'm unsure what the availability of recording studios are in your area and the cost of a hour rate. Maybe act as the producer? I realise this would be time consuming in the short term but if it took off then you could off set some of the costs of hiring someone. Sorry if this ideas been mentioned before.
  • 99%
  • Should have asked for $50k
  • There you go, 100%
  • YEAH!!! 100%!!!!
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    Super happy that I was able to help Baldmove reach their goal with what I believe was the last $17. I signed up for a subscription right when I heard about the problems Jim and Aron were having. I decided I owed them back pay for the year and a half I was listening to their great work without helping them financially. 
  • Welp, looks like I'm getting a tattoo... and I couldn't be happier.  Well done, folks!
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  • I was already kicking in $5 per month, easily the best entertainment value per dollar per hour out there.
  • FernNYC17FernNYC17 New York, NY
    Wow. After such a dark and sad night last night. This give me a reason to smile. I'm so glad to be part of this community. Yet again Bald Move Cheering me up when i'm feeling down and High Anxiety, Congrats @Jim and @A_Ron_Hubbard The Bald Move Movement is Real Fellas. 
  • Couldn't be happier for you guys! I was worried when you first said that you lost Amazon but this outpouring of support lets me know that you will make it through the tough times and be the better for it. I'm glad to have donated to the worthy cause that is Bald Move and told my fiance that the money I spend on commissioned podcasts has all been worth it knowing that it helps keep you two malcontents around :)
  • I'm feeling some Care Bears Stare coming on!!!!!!!!!
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