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I've been mulling this for a while:

If there was an annual drive for supporters (please someone come up with a better name) and between November and December you could pay some fee and then have your name on a page on the main website for the next calendar year, would that have value?

Maybe if your feedback got read they could say something like "one of our (insert awesome designation)" after their name. Maybe you could have a title or graphic in the forums?

Essentially, most validation for donations and increased cost I've been reading in these posts want to have content that is exclusive (behind a paywall) to club members. That seems to be contrary to Bald Move sentiment.

A patron wall would be:
Essentially free to give out
A limited time thing (raises urgency)
A way for people to blatantly brag that they helped (this matters to some people)

Are there legs to this idea? How much would people be willing to spend?

Also, there was a dentist a while back that supported our guys, they did adds for him and they were hilarious. How about a monthly lottery that only members are entered in that lets you tell the guys your business (real or imagined), then they make a funny ad for you that they play during lunches as well as ad feed podcasts.


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  • TaraC73TaraC73 Manchester NH
    I forgot about the Bald Move dentist!!
  • I thought if there was a monthly raffle of club members to get something 15-30 second like that which would immortalizebthem it would be awesome.
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  • I would see that doctor if he was in my state. Rick Grimes approved.
  • First official Bald Move dentist here.  I believe I've heard over the last few years a couple other dentists that have contributed some valuable info in that time, particularly referring to a long evaluation of Kit Harrington's slack-jawed mouth.  Props to that doc for a pretty detailed diagnosis but unfortunately I don't remember their name.

    In the time I've been a listener I've been involved with the Breaking Bad finale, season 4 of the Walking Dead, and Bald Movies podcasts Mean Girls, Grosse Pointe Blank, Stargate, and Donnie Darko and built the lego Bald Move studio model.
    I hope a good number of you have enjoyed that content as much as I have.  There have been a surprising number of patrons that have come along and just blown the doors off of that on their commissions.

    While sponsoring content isn't for everyone, the thing that led me to do so originally was a reflection of how much time I had spent listening to their free content prior to that point and ever since.  I stumbled across their podcast at the very start of Breaking Good season 4 and Watching Dead season 3.  I usually listen to each podcast a couple of times, once to actually enjoy it and at least once more for just a familiar voice in background noise when I'm busy with something.  I've subscribed to roughly 40 different podcasts at various times over the last 5-6 years (lots of travel) and by far Jim and A. Ron have provided the most thoughtful analysis of character motivations and much needed humor out of all those casts, at least as far as television goes. If anyone here remembers the "Yeah It's That Bad" podcast that just abruptly ended about 3 years ago after a 2-3 year run, that was something I have really missed and anyone that enjoyed the triumverate there I hope can apply that situation to what the loss of Bald Move might mean.  Whenever the Walking Dead drops a complete dud of an episode I enjoy the Watching Dead podcast discussing it exponentially more and it makes a terrible episode of television palatable.  

    If you've spent hours each week listening to GoT, BG, WD, MMHH, Justified, etc., please consider going forward what that content has meant to you and whether you would enjoy the shows as much without Bald Move as a companion.  Every hour of podcasting probably requires about 3-4 hours minimum to watch, re-watch, discuss pre-show, then record.  I consider that time well spent as a listener and it shows in their passion for the content.  Listening to 4 of their podcasts a year on average probably would cost the average listener about 30 cents per hour (just a wild guess) at the new rate of $48/year.  You can easily spend that money on one evening at a restaurant, bar, golf, etc.  All in all, I believe the hours they spend on their content is easily worth that contribution.  

    Here's wishing for another decade of Bald Moving going forward.  

    B Devito, First, but far from only, BMD

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