AHS: Season 6 Chapter 9

CecilyCecily Cincinnati
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Directed by: Alexis Korycinski
Written by:  Tim Minear


  • Wait....I thought American Horror Story was on last night. Too soon?
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  • amyja89amyja89 Oxford, England
    Well hooooooolllly shit.

    I haven't been a fan of this season in general but this episode was great in my opinion. It was a tight 36 minutes and they didn't waste a single second. Angela Bassett's sass whilst they were watching Lee's confessional video was worth the price of admission alone!

    God damn some of that stuff was brutal, especially the kids being put up on those stakes! I was absolutely sure that Sarah Paulson was going to be the one to make it out alive, A. because she always previously has in AHS, and B. because I thought they were going to go along with the final white girl horror trope. I never imagined she would end up dying like that so it made it much more satisfying than just another getting hacked to death by a ghost set piece.

    Looking forward to whatever the extra twist is next week, but do you know what I need more than anything now? A proper fucking credits sequence!

  • What if this is not a true AHS season, thus no credit sequences. It was all a "trick" to get us to watch a show about a reality TV show. While there were some good parts, I'm not sure I could say that this was "excellent". Maybe it was just my mindset, but I just never was taken "in". Then to find that they used the pigman as a "trick" took me out of it a little. Of course saying this was taken from an iCloud video had me question it (I guess if they had iCloud photo streaming enabled?). I don't usually pay attention to the previews but they did have me go wtf?
  • So here's my puzzler:

    Is there anything that was caught on camera that couldn't be explained away as non-paranormal?  We are able to infer the supernatural because we've heard Matt, Shelby, etc.'s take on events, but did the cameras ever pick up anything that wasn't explainable as "Crazy Polks?"  Agnes, Shelby and Lee performed murders, will that be seen as evidence there is no haunting?  There are creepy figures seen in the distance, and someone popped up from the backseat of that girl's car, but maybe they were hiding on the floorboards?

    Even the pitchfork people, I could see skeptics arguing it was a weird cult and the survivors are too traumatized to see it clearly.

    Was there anything on camera that wouldn't fit that explanation?
  • Well the Asian child Monster thing is about the only thing that would be pretty damn hard to explain. Everything else could technically be real live humans.
  • HatorianHatorian Dagobah
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    The police even mention something in the episode about a "crazy cult"
  • I'm very interested to see where they go from here, it seems like they're going to pivot to a true crime show like the original coverage of the OJ Simpson case.  At one point Lee was possessed (I actually really like her being the one to say the Butcher's lines, since we didn't have any accent to mess about with).  Is she still possessed?  Will she end up back at the Roanoke house?  I think the Simpson jury took a field trip to his home at one point... a trial could take a year... are we going to see a jury murdered?

    As for her being so gung-ho about wanting to get the tape (arguably the decision which got everyone else who at that point was alive killed), couldn't she have argued about it in front of a jury?  "Hey, I didn't kill my husband.  I knew the Polk-boy had been watching the show, I thought if I confessed to murder it would get to him, because he was crazy.  They were eating me alive.  I would have said anything to get out of that.  I loved my husband, I would never kill my daughter's father!  Especially not in such a gruesome way!  You saw them hoist a girl on a stake, but you think I'm the one who tied my husband to a chair and set him on fire!!   It was a tactic I thought would work -- and it did!  I also wasn't sexually attracted to the guy filming my own snuff film, I came on to him!  I just wanted to live!"

    I don't like Lee.  I think she's a crazy murderer.  Now she's a crazy, possessed murderer.  But for the original murder, as a juror, I would have to say I had reasonable doubt.
  • God. The American landscape today doesn't look all that different from the nightmare depicted in American Horror Story this week.
  • cdrivecdrive Houston, TX
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    Loved the episode, but I'm right there with A Ron and Cecily:  Not a big fan of "Torture Pr0n." I don't get scared. I just feel icky.  Not a fan of Saw or Hostel movies, Human Centipede, Hatchet...or any slasher flick..nonez of it.  I'm more: Conjuring, VVitch, Insidious, Paranormal Activity...

    So when AHS impaled 2 teens and set them on fire while alive, it wasn't so much horrific as it was just...I dunno, sad?  Dirty feeling?  

    And another thing, I typically suspend disbelief a whole lot.  Rule of Cool stretches far with me.  I'm not one of those insufferables who's always like "WELL ACTUALLY GRAVITY ON MARS IS SUCH THAT..."

    But 2 things I had a problem with:

    #1) Taissa and her friend should have been ffffffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuugggggggghhhhhhked uupppp after being impaled vertically, parallel with their body with such a giant ass stake.  They weren't run through like Mott, perpendicularly, like through the back and out the stomach.  And they just look at each other like "oh darn we're stuck."  I just think the way they were impaled would have killed them pretty quickly or made them pass out.  It was too unbelievable for me.

    #2)Audrey went from a waif, too British to function, to all of a sudden turning into Jason fucking Bourne or some shit, quickly stealing a cop's gun out of his holster.  I saw that shit and I was like

    Those were my only gripes.  Everything else was good.  I liked the return of the Uber driver.  Pig Man ubering was funny.  

    Also just realized, this would be the 2nd time Taissa was impaled.  In Coven she teleported into a wrought iron fence.

  • amyja89amyja89 Oxford, England
    Forgot to say, I'm glad the episode was so short because all the shaky cam was making me motion sick as hell!
  • Red724Red724 Irwin, PA
    This is the first season I didn't watch on Netflix and I think it's the worst by far. Not sure if it is the way I'm watching it but I rank it last for all the seasons.
  • amyja89 said:

    Forgot to say, I'm glad the episode was so short because all the shaky cam was making me motion sick as hell!

    I totally agree! The found footage stuff at the beginning of the episode was making me especially nauseous! 
  • TaraC73TaraC73 Manchester NH
    @cdrive I feel like that gun was the one she found at the Polk house... the one she shot Icky White Hair Polk with. I could be wrong, as I too was battling motion sickness the whole episode.
  • TaraC73TaraC73 Manchester NH
    I didn't think this episode had any true "torture porn" just scary gory stuff... to me torture porn is up close and excessive and truly torturous stuff (like what happened to Lee last week) but again, torture porn is somewhat subjective. :)
  • amyja89amyja89 Oxford, England
    TaraC73 said:

    @cdrive I feel like that gun was the one she found at the Polk house... the one she shot Icky White Hair Polk with. I could be wrong, as I too was battling motion sickness the whole episode.

    I thought the same so I went back and had a closer look, she definitely takes it out of the cop's belt and pushes him to the ground.
  • cdrivecdrive Houston, TX
    Ha ha! I'm Bald Move famous!  That made my Friday.

    Thanks @Cecily & @A_Ron_Hubbard for reading my comments.  I was just throwing some opinions up on the boards, so that was a surprise and pretty cool to hear.  Yep, I'm a dude. Actually my wife @xulsolar22 texted me about 10 minutes ahead of where I was in the podcast to tell me.  She was super stoked. Lots of exclamation marks.  I'm a big fan, but she's a hardcore BM fan.  The OG in the household.  

    Insidious would be an interesting commission.  If that gets started, I'll throw in some for that.  

    Great podcast as always.  I enjoyed it.  Thanks again.  
  • WonderedObjectWonderedObject SAN Francisco, CA
    Extremely late to the party but had to catch up before the finale so I could watch it live. I keep getting spoiled but that's my own fault.
    Quick question though, anyone know why this episode was so short? I mean damn 37 min???? Almost half of it was commercials???

    Anyways I'll keep my thoughts about the overall season to myself since I don't want to jinx anything. Looking forward to tomorrow night.
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