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I've been thinking about what could attract people to get a subscription to Bald Move and came up with this idea, which I think is pretty great.

Jim and A.Ron will watch two episodes from a television series. 

One episode will be the consensus best episode of the series

One episode will be the consensus worst episode of the series.

They will then go on to discuss what made those episodes so different from each other in the context of the same series. What went wrong or what went right. Now this could be for any series. You could take a bad television series and watch and discuss why one episode actually worked well, and visa versa for a good series with a very bad episode. 

I feel that as part of this podcast, there will be a community live watch of the episodes and the podcast the follows. So the time really varies depending on if its a half hour show or an hour show.  

So here is an example:
J&A watch The X-Files: Best Episode (IMDB 9.4) Bad Blood (S5.12); Worst Episode (IMDB 6.0) Teso Dos Bichos (S3.18)

Or a sitcom
Fraser: Best Episode (IMDB 9.5) The Ski Lodge (S5.14); Worst Episode (IMDB 7.0) Freudian Sleep (S11.14)

I feel this would add great value to the premium membership, would be a lot of fun or you guys and us, and you could even get live community feedback during the podcast. I would say if you did this every two weeks that would be reasonable given your schedules. What do you think?


  • amyja89amyja89 Oxford, England
    Fun idea, but don't you think that the best and worst episodes of a series only really feel as such when you have seen all or nearly all of the surrounding content? There are definitely a lot of shows that the guys have seen enough of, but that pool would probably start to get thin after you've been through all the classics and personal favourites.
  • What about a MST3000 type deal? I love watching the live-watches of TWD and it would be pretty funny to see the guys watching bad movies and cracking on them. The thing with MST that I don't like is that a lot of them are movies I've never seen. It would even funnier if it were movies that a lot of people have seen but are still kinda considered crap.
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  • I agree with @amyja89 without the surrounding content it makes these difficult. Think to their hesitation of doing commissioned TV shows. Are you only using IMDB?
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