Official Direct Thread: Bottle Rocket

Consider this your official thread for Wes Anderson's Bottle Rocket. What are your favorite moments, themes, and compositions? How do you think this film relates to the rest of Anderson's filmography? Discuss! 


  • I've seen Bottle Rocket a couple of times back in college, but I honestly don't remember much about it. I just remember really wanting to like it as I was a huge fan of The Royal Tenenbaums and I was a big fan of Owen Wilson through high school and much of college. 

    I remember coming away from it disappointed, but also amused at a few of the scenes. It's definitely a first film. I'm very interested to re-watch it and see what I think all these years later. 
  • DeeDee Adelaide
    edited November 2016
    I'm a Wes Anderson fan so I'm fond of Bottle Rocket, but there's not a whole lot to say about it.

    I remember reading a review once of one of his films - might have been The Life Aquatic - and the writer said something like "Wes Anderson is a man who understands the hilarity of uniforms". I always liked that, and I think it's very true.
  • In case anyone's interested in behind the scenes stuff, here's an essay by James L. Brooks that was included with the criterion edition of Bottle Rocket. 

    I enjoyed the film a lot more this time around and really enjoyed the performances all around. I didn't have the reaction that Levi had to Owen Wilson. And for me, I guess I don't really need to root for anyone to enjoy a film. I just have to find the characters and the story interesting. I do think it gets a bit too cute/twee at times, but all in all it was good. 
  • Also here are a few Andersonisms aside from the uniforms as Dee already mentioned that I noticed in this film that will come up again are:
    • Super slow-motion endings overlaid with music.
    • Long tracking shots (The heist feels like a smaller scale version of what the big storming the hotel scene in The Life Aquatic)
    • Use of Mark Mothersbaugh for scoring
    • Profile shot of characters lined up doing something like firing guns or staring off into the distance.
    • Deadpan romance
    There's a ton more, but these are just a few that caught my eye.
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