The Americans + BaldMove + XboxOne

It occurred to me that I could snap the Bald Move LiveWatch alongside Plex to watch my recording of The Americans... Worked better than expected!


  • LOOOVE plex, surprised more people aren't using it. It's free for the most part, love the integration with all devices, computers, gaming consoles & amazon and roku sticks.
  • WarpFoxWarpFox Nashville, TN
    Duuuude! That's awesome.
  • Watching the live view, I'm with @Jim Jones I think Kingsman will do really well. It's an R rated movie with a shit load of action.
  • Sweet! That's a great idea. I use Plex on my PS3. Unfortunately, I'm still stuck on last-gen hardware.
  • Never heard of Plex. I'll have to Google it.
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