Favorite Westworld plot/characters?

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  • I'm really interested in Ford's narrative. He is always one step ahead and I just can't wait to see the moment when he is not(if it happens). I'm also not sold that he isn't somehow involved with the hosts and the relays to outside of the park. He's killed all 3 people who would have known about the relays.
  • Maeve.  She knows the situation is fubar, and, she has a plan.  I'm all in.
  • My favorite characters as far as feeling the most recognizably human or human-like have been Elsie, Bernard, and Stubbs.  Lee, too, although he's detestable so he's not one of my favorites.  I'm sensing a pattern.
  • Love:  Bernard

    Hate:  Maeve
  • FreddyFreddy Denton, Texas
    Old Bill is the only character I can relate to. He gets me, and I get him. The rest are a bunch of sad sacks of confusion.
  • cbspockcbspock San Antonio, Texas
    I like the Maeve story line. I also like the Dolores story and just when you start to feel for the character Logan turns around and rips her gut open to remind you...she is an it.  I also like Maeve's story and I hope she turns out to be the villain season 2. If Elsie is really dead, it just sucks the way they did it off screen. 

  • Maeve by far. She reminds me of the android from Ex-Machina. 

    I was disappointed that Theresa's character didn't go anywhere. The first couple episode made her seem like she would be a more central character.
  • ElisaElisa Los Angeles
    Maeve - she is one bamf. 
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    Maeve. Her "daughter's" murder being the trigger for her self-actualization speaks to the Mama Bear in me. And Bernard.

    I think Dolores will make it to the list once we get past this confused and weepy phase.
  • Elisa said:

    Maeve - she is one bamf. 

    Do the kids still say 'down ass bitch'?  Would I be using it correctly to describe her?

    Tom - the official Bald Move old guy
  • I need more Lee Sizemore!

  • My favorite is the Dr. Ford Loop that will be revealed next week to be Arnold's punishment to Dr. Ford. And for those who are wondering, I believe Arnold is truly still alive out of the park, he actually killed Dr. Ford, built a Fordbot(the singularity) to run Westworld like the psychopath he is and let him "believe" all the "backstory" he has told the audience so far.

    You heard it here first.
    well not first, that theory has been out there
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