Dolores and the maze

cbspockcbspock San Antonio, Texas

In episode three, Bernard told Dolores about the maze.

"There's something I'd like you to try," he said. "It's a game, a secret. It's called the maze. It's a very special kind of game, Dolores. The goal is to find the center of it. If you can do that, then maybe you can be free."

Is the maze different for each host? "Free" also seems to be a loaded term. What does he mean by free? Free from Ford, free from the park, free will? Just getting to the center of it doesn't mean success. 


  • I think free to make choices. I think when we finely see where the maze is it's going to be inside each host kind of an internal journey if u will. I think the pyramid thing is wrong consciousness isn't an upward journey it's a maze one wrong turn can lead to madness. But we will have to wait till episode 10 to find out.
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