Teddy and William's outfit in flashback

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Is it me or is Teddy wearing the same clothes as William? It's the same hat as well! This is Teddy's flashback where he was killing everyone in Escalante.




  • looks awfully similar.
  • Hmm, so Teddy is William incarnate, doomed to repeat his star-crossed loop with Delores, and Logan is the MiB?? Not everything tracks, but that's somehow more satisfying to me than William=MiB.

    Jesus, I had to go full tin-foil to even type that. I don't know who I even am anymore. Help.
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  • Doesn't look like anything to me.

    (Gotta get those in before it's completely played out and then becomes cool again next year).
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  • I'm not sure if I have any conclusions, but during the first episode the MiB was a clear throwback to the Gunslinger character in the film (the main villian, who is a host), and Teddy was a clear throwback to the main guests in the film. The twist was MiB is human and Teddy is a host.

    So then when they introduced William and Logan, they were an even MORE clear throwback to the main two characters in the film, down to the white hat/black hat thing, and the black hat guy being the more experienced. 

    Teddy is also a kind of white hat guy who is given this additional black hat backstory by Ford to spice things up. William, the white hat guy, might become MiB, a black hat guy (people seem convinced it was proven they are the same in the last episode  but I'm not sure it was, but not arguing that they aren't). 

    So maybe Teddy is some kind of allegory for William. Not that he's actually supposed to BE him but that he's an allegory for that kind of character or even a throwback to the actual William (if the creators of the park ever became aware of him).
    There is one scene that makes me think Teddy is something of William unless the same guest was designed to bump into male guests every day


  • I have a hard time knowing whether clothing signifies something in a park where clothing is borrowed. I know the guests get to choose their clothes, but other guests or hosts have conceivably worn them. 

    I think that the show has been using clothes to give us clues to what time period we are watching, and even that Bernard is who he is.
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