Walking Dead Promo Season 5.2

I just saw this live and I thought it MUST have been a joke. This is so hammy, the ridiculous Rick narration, the smoke, the intense looks on everyones faces, the music that sounds like it should be in an underwear commercial. Everything here is pure comedy.

This could be a gold mine for A.Ron Rick voice parody. ****Rick voice**** "We sur-vive togethuuuurrrrr!!"

I just had to post this in case no one had seen it. Any speculation on whether or not this is actually footage from 5.2? To me it just looks like promo. Because if this is an actual scene I CANT WAIT for Aron and Jim to rip it apart


  • Just a generic trailer. The real one is here.

  • JimJim
    edited February 2015
    @broomperson I thought that was ridiculous the moment I saw it. I'm not liking AMC's marketing lately, but I think that's all it is. Please, don't let that be a real scene. I've had my fill of people walking through the woods montages on this show.

    @ksa1001 thanks for posting an actual trailer. I hadn't seen that yet.
  • pavlovsbellpavlovsbell Brooklyn, NY
    It's just a promo that was created for the TCA Winter Press Tour, if I'm not mistaken, much like the equally bad CW sizzle reel that has the lead actors of CW shows looking sexy while sexy music plays. What are their shows about? Who cares? The actors are so pretty and sexy! TWD promo was shot after S5 wrapped; in fact, if you look closely, you can see that Andrew Lincoln's beard is fake. If I were not already a fan of the show, and I saw this promo, I would have a negative impression of TWD.

    The actual trailer is slightly better if you're paying close attention and notice of couple of interesting things that flash by, but mostly it's still a lot of the same "Oh, look, zombies. Oh, they have to do terrible things to survive, Oh, they have to stay together." Yeah, thanks, I knew all that.
  • I think that's the Antlers playing in the first one, which is probably the only good thing to say about it. I totally agree with @pavlovsbell though. That just looks like some BS they carved together to say "look at our stars with guns and swords, struggling to survive. Look at how we weave action and drama." It's pretty dumb.

    The second one is fine, but it really looks like any Walking Dead trailer. Which is good. I like the Walking Dead, but it doesn't leave me any more or less excited than I already was for its return.
  • Andrew Lincoln was a guest on Opie and Jim Norton yesterday. He compared the beginning of S5.2 to The Road and compared the latter half to Alice in Wonderland (!). I'm not sure about the Alice in Wonderland part, but if this is any where near as dark and twisted as The Road, then I will be one happy camper.

    This comes up at 08:27

  • broompersonbroomperson the Iron Islands
    @AntManBee He also said that Chandler Riggs acting in the season 4.2 Premiere was the greatest thing ever and that it blew everyone away. And that turned out to be super meh so I take everything that man says with a grain of salt.
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