Bernard -- Spoilers

This has been brought up in past casts (and it might have been on this one too-- I haven't gotten through it all yet) but the only thing that has me scratching my head about Bernard being a clone/homage to Arnold is that no staff member has recognized the current day Bernard?

You would think there would be one tenured staff member, board member, someone that would be all "hey, doesn't Bernard look awfully similar to that Arnold dude that started this park?"


  • I think at the beginning of the park, some of the board members or the people who made the investment deal were in on Arnold's death cover up.  They may have moved on by the time Ford made Bernard, and they had covered up the origins of the park by that point. 
  • That's what I thought, too.
    But then, Logan says his lawyers couldn't find anything on Ford's partner.
    And the engineers could've died too.

  • Arnold was always "silent" partner, Ford was looked at as the mastermind.  He even says in episode 2 "when the legend becomes fact, you print the legend", probably meaning that Ford was the one that wanted to be famous for his invilvement(Jobs) and Arnold was more interested in the actual work and coding(Waz)
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