Just started listening to my commissioned podcast for Screamers! Hit this thread up with comments, would love to know what everyone else thought as well :)


  • FreddyFreddy Denton, Texas
    One of my favorite sci-fi movies. I know it's based on a Philip K. Dick short story, but I always thought a novel set in the world of Screamers would be awesome. Something that really delves deep into the universe.

    Fun fact: I saw Sceamers and Tremors 2 around the same time and always thought Chris Gartin and Andrew Lauer were the same person. Spent the majority of my life (literally from the time I saw them up until today) thinking to myself that the actor was typecast as the goofy sidekick who gets attacked by shit from under the ground.
  • @A_Ron_Hubbard you may be thinking of the Gilligan's Island episode where they find a Japanese soldier who thinks the war is still going
  • @A_Ron_Hubbard and @Jim thanks again for the podcast. Loved listening to you guys and was laughing most of the time! I emailed ya'll to give you a choice of opting out of PCU, but it means reviewing Bedknobs and Broomsticks so we will see what happens there :p Really looking forward to the other 4 commissions I have!
  • Btw, the screamer at the end was Becker. He tore the face off Joe's friend and rebuilt his body, you can see how his clothes are burnt from being blown in half before.
  • Why does the Becker version of Joe's friend also have the tattoo, @anubus21?  I'm really puzzled by that.
  • @Jim I think it's just to distinguish that he is the same screamer that Joe blew in half. Don't know if you caught it, but the screamers took Becker's face from the NEB commander who sent the peace offering to the Alliance.
  • @anubus21 Hmmmm.  Well, I looked at the guy from the beginning again and it doesn't look like it's the same guy as Becker.  Also, they're played by different actors, according to IMDB.  Regardless, it's just a visual storytelling device that makes no real-world sense?
  • @anubus21 It's also an episode of The 6 Million Dollar Man and Archer.
  • @Jim it's def not the same guy. I meant that Becker admits to Joe during the fight in the hangar that he stole his friend's face, but that his original face (the redneck Val Kilmer one) he stole from the NEB commander. I think that is why they used the teardrop tattoo, so you would know it was the same screamer...but yeah, no real world sense.

    Just so you know, in the 2nd Screamers movie the lead is Joe's daughter and Joe is actually dead cause he crashed his escape pod to prevent the Paddington Bear screamer from making it to earth.
  • How noble of him.  Hopefully he didn't crash it on the planet.  I need to check out the sequel.
  • It's pretty craptacular, but still a fun watch haha. Waaaaay better than Tremors 2 since y'all made the comparison! Do you think Screamers could be considered an updated version of the Critters movies?
  • FreddyFreddy Denton, Texas
    Nothing is better than Tremors 2.... when you're in the midst of a congigal visit involving a tremors 2 fan.
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