Superbowl XLIX

A_Ron_HubbardA_Ron_Hubbard Cincinnati, OH
Just wanted to make an observation. Looks like the swapped trying to make us laugh with trying to make us cry. Goddamn those Toyota commercials.


  • WarpFoxWarpFox Nashville, TN
    The Snickers commercial was pretty good though. Random Steve Buscemi. Though, I do have a hard time seeing him as a silly character again after watching him as Nucky for so long.
  • The Snickers Brady Bunch commercial was my favorite. The Nationwide commercial with the dead kid however? (pulls at collar) "Sheesh!"
  • FreddyFreddy Denton, Texas
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    I took the over on the "5 or less movie trailers" bet. Won with 7. Lost the "Jurassic World trailer will play at least once" bet though. Assholes played it before the kickoff. Also lost the "next celebrity in a commercial will be non-white" bet. Fuck Pierce Brosnan and fuck Kia...

    Anyone else bet on Superbowl commercials?

    Oh yeah, and the game was great by the way. Jeremy Lane sustaining the same injury Gronk's had after talking shit about him was poetic justice. As was the most penalized team in the NFL losing their last glimmer of hope to a penalty. Also, an honest to God fight broke out; how great was that!? One of my favorite things in the world is seeing millionaires hit each other.
  • TravisTravis CA
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    My wife and I talked about the surprising tone shift last night too. I definitely preferred it the other way. A couple of thoughts:
    1. Nissan, the official car of absentee fathers
    2. The Snickers commercial and the Mindy Kaling one (although I can't remember what they were advertising which says something) were easily my two favorites. Followed closely by the Liam Neeson one.
    3. F you Nationwide for the dying kids buzz-kill.
    4. Good job Nationwide with the "run like a girl, throw like a girl" one. Of all the non-funny commercials I thought that was easily the coolest.
    5. If you're going to use Walter White in a commercial (which could and should have been very cool) make a better commercial. That said, I'm sure they backed the truck up for Cranston and good for him.
    6. I actually didn't laugh, but definitely smiled at the Broznan one.

    As for the game, that was really entertaining. I was casually rooting for Seattle and the pick was a bummer (I really thought they had it), but the catch. Oh man, the catch. I was really concerned after the first quarter and a half that we were in for a real shit show. Turned out to be one hell of a game.

  • 2. The Snickers commercial and the Mindy Kailing one (although I can't remember what they were advertising which says something) were easily my two favorites). Followed closely by the Liam Neeson one.
    3. F you Nationwide for the dying kid buzz-kill.

    Fully agree with those 2 points.

    as for Number 4, that was an "Always" feminine product commercial
  • Woops. I had a feeling I should have verified whose ad #4 was. Thanks for the correction. Neurons don't fire quite like they used to.

    Clapping Joker is awesome!
  • My wife leading up to the halftime show: "What do you think she'll open with; the boring one or that other boring one that sounds just like it?"

    My wife is awesome.
  • I don't care about football. Sorry just grew up in a household with people who didn't give a shit about it and also an aversion to football in general.
  • I feel like every year there's this big buildup to what the commercials should be, and every year they're disappointing. I get that the level of difficulty for creating a 60 second or less piece of entertainment with a clear agenda is high, but still... shouldn't this be something that they're working all year towards? It seems like they don't even try... (that insurance company paid a couple of million dollars to make some testicle jokes. Yikes.)

    That McDonald's, pay with "Lovin" commercial is the worst. "You'll have to call your mom and tell her you love her." "No, you'll have to call your manager and tell him I want my goddamn food."

    Tom Brady... great or a product of the system?

    I don't care about football. Sorry just grew up in a household with people who didn't give a shit about it and also an aversion to football in general.

    I never understood why people read/comment in threads just to say, "I don't care about this thread."
  • A_Ron_HubbardA_Ron_Hubbard Cincinnati, OH
    Everybody does it about something, though. Like, a lot of my nerd friends love to post shit like "hur dur sportball how many sports did our team ball last night", and I'm like, "motherfucker, did you learn nothing from the jocks giving you noogies for playing DnD?" Or like my "normal" friends making fun of the stormtrooper dudes at Gencon, "motherfucker, I've seen you with a rubber horse head and your face painted at the game, please."
  • @AndrewTobey RE: Brady, I honestly think it's both. I think he's a part of a great system and his greatness makes that system really work. I'm not a big football fan, but I've seen enough to know that that dude is really, REALLY good.
  • Maybe this is my misanthropy bleeding through but I loved the Nationwide commercial, and almost more so because of everyone hated on it so much.

    What, bringing up realistic problems that can be addressed to save lives is a bummer? Tough shit. I really think a lot of the hate is from people that were uncomfortable realizing they could well be the a-hole running the kid over in the crosswalk because they're a self-absorbed narcissist texting or taking a fucking selfie while driving or some stupid shit, and don't want to acknowledge or take any responsibility for their stupid dangerous behavior so this issue bothers them.

    Case in (depressing as shit) point. I'm just glad this fuckhead didn't crash into a house or a car on the highway and take out someone who had the audacity to be in the way.

    The takeaway from the commercial was that many of the risks people (and specifically children I guess) are comonly exposed to can be easily mitigated, but so many things aren't. If you live in earthquake country, wall-anchor your bookshelves. Have a pool? Always keep the gate locked. And for the love of God if you're supposed to be flying a Cessna don't be a narcissist fuckstick and take selfies instead.

    The reaction does completely make sense though. It's exactly the same thing as rejecting the bitter reality of the Carter pill and instead embracing the much sexier Reaganomics. No wonder Carter was crushed, no one likes hearing unpleasant truths.
  • @ghm3 I get what you're saying, and hell they got that conversation started that they wanted so it worked, but it's the equivalent of being that guy that everyone barely knows at a party where everyone is having a good time saying "wow this is fun, but there I'm struggling to enjoy myself when there are kids starving in Africa" and then he starts showing everyone pictures of kids with distended bellies and cleft lips and palates. It's not that this isn't an important thing to realize. It's incredibly important, but it's about situational context. That commercial is bold and fine and obviously very effective but as a viewer trying to enjoy an on-screen experience, I don't think the Super Bowl is the time to run it (at least if you don't want to be viewed as that guy whose trying to say "slow down the fun for a minute, guys. Let's all get bummed for a spell"). I don't dislike the ad in general or the conversation that they want to have, but I think they whiffed on the situation. Of course everyone was going to hate that ad. I have to figure that they expected it, but wanted to use the controversy to create a "next day" conversation; which they did. So really, it worked.
  • @TravisSmith Ha yeah that is kinda true, but the intention wasn't to troll. It was aired during the Super Bowl because there were 114 million viewers paying close attention to it, there's no other possible way to get that to happen. And it's also not about something passive like a donation for a third world country, it's talking about behavioral change specifically for the people watching to take part in, which I don't really see as quite the same as bringing up some bad state of affairs for some place you have nothing to do with.

    If 1% of the people watching that commercial decided to pay a little more attention to their surroundings and stop browsing Instagram while driving or some shit, that's like ~1 million slightly less dangerous drivers out there to maybe not run into a pedestrian blast through a red light and t-bone someone. You can't potentially have that same impact if it's only run during The Big Bang Theory and other shows that people will DVR or pee break through it.
  • @ghm3 I definitely won't argue with that, and it is definitely a good message, and they chose a delivery system that really resonated with people (even if it was in a negative light) it was just kind of a buzzkill in the moment, and it was a momentum halter that I didn't really appreciate. That said, I completely see all of your points. They are good ones, and like I said I am betting that their ad team are actually incredibly pleased with the results. It seems like it was one of, if not the most talked about commercial and I imagine it created many conversations just like this one. I will say that I don't view the ad as harshly as now that we're talking about it.

    Also, when I brought up the Africa analogy it wasn't meant to say that it was someone who was out to ruin everyone's night, or kind of troll the party, it was more-so simply that as good of intentions as they have, nobody wants to party with that guy. Ha!
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